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Summer 1 and 2

Moving Toys- Cams

Miss Tooke taught us about what cams are and the different shapes you can get. We had a go at designing a moving toy that would use cams and be suitable for a KS1 or KS2 child. Miss Pritchard taught us about how to saw wood safely and we had great fun making and decorating our toys; we spent a lot of time on them and are very proud of the finished products.

Water Resistance

In science, we are learning about forces.

We have been using grams and Newtons to measure the mass and weight of different items.

We talked about gravity and air resistance and did a fun investigation with parachutes to explore these. We got to decide on our own investigation by changing something about the parachutes (shape, size, length of string, etc).

We also [learnt about water resistance. We made three different origami boats and made a prediction as to which would travel through water the best. It was great fun trying this out and reaching a conclusion- one of the designs was definitely the worst and would have sank all the passengers!

Reading Journals

We have been given new reading journals to replace the older style reading diary. This is our space to record our thoughts and ideas about the books we read, or just to record the pages we have read. We couldn't wait to get started...

A Ride in a Police Car and a Surprise Arrest

Officer Bob and Officer Holmesy came to visit us this week. They had heard that one of the children in our class is desperate to become a police officer when they are older, so they came to ask Mrs Gallimore if they could take him (and Miss Pritchard) for a ride around the local villages in the police car! They brought the car onto the playground and talked to the KS2 classes before skidding across the playground and out of the gates. Matthew and Miss Pritchard went to Repton where Matthew got the chance to go on patrol around the streets and to check on the pilates class at the local community centre. Unfortunately, the Maple Tree Cafe was closed so they couldn't stop for a coffee and cake. They then returned to school and Matthew marched Miss Pritchard in in handcuffs to surprise the class. What a great experience! Thank you Officers Bob and Holmesy; we look forward to seeing you again soon- especially for our football match!

The Wizard of Oz

M and M Productions visited us on Friday to give us a special performance of The Wizard of Oz. Thank you Mrs Gallimore for this surprise treat!