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w.c. 19.12.22

We started the week watching a pantomime 'Mother Goose'. It was great fun and was lovely to see the children enjoying the audience participation aspect!


This week has again seen us recapping previous phonics learning from this term. Please see the below documents to see the phonics we have covered this term:

There was great excitement on Wednesday morning when the Fantastic Foxes found that their elf had given them their final popcorn party letter and also sat on their spelling test book box so that the test was cancelled!

Our next spelling test will be on Friday 13th January, with the words in these test containing the digraph 'ea' that makes the sound /ee/. Spellings are sent home each week in your child's home spelling book and they are also available on Spelling Shed. Please get in touch if you require log in details for Spelling Shed or NumBots.

The Fantastic Foxes have been hard at work completing their poly printed Christmas card and writing a letter to Santa. The children are getting very confident at telling me when we need a capital letter - not just at the start of a sentence but for proper nouns (names of specific people, places or things). 


Well done on a brilliant autumn term Fantastic Foxes - you really are amazing! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas break and will see you in the New Year!