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wc. 8th May 23

Week 4

We’ve continued and now finished our sentence stacking on Aladdin. Here is the rest of our story put together:


Hovering mysteriously in the gazebo was a shiny but slightly dented lamp.


Aladdin’s curiosity peaked.

Theo B

As he stretched out and dragged down the lamp, the fountain’s droplets jumped and leaped, the trees’ leaves crawled over to dance and robins whistled a calming tune.

On the dusty ground, Aladdin saw a plain ring (made of dull black iron) with a note attached.


The note read, “This ring is unique, so unique, extremely unique. This ring is special, so special, very special. Whoever wear me will be safe from harm.” Aladdin fitted the ring on his finger.


“Oi you! What are you doing in there? You disgusting rat!” screamed Uncle.


In the blink of eye, Uncle hurled a magical powder – ruby rained, scarlet scattered and crimson cascaded.

The earth groaned and shook and the entrance to the tunnel closed.


The cave was inky and dense – as inky and dense as charcoal spreading its black powder in the dull mines.


Wailing with worry, he realised there was no way out.


As day became night and night became day, a sense of loneliness begun. The walls were pungent like vinegar, the ground smelt as putrid as a rotten egg and a depressing potent drifted through the air.

Yawning and stretching, his hand brushed against the iron ring in his pocket that he’d completely forgotten about.


Rumble! Crash! Bang! The cave erupted. A dangerous, cold and violent storm had begun.


He could see it. He could see it faintly. He could see it faintly through the bright, flickering and jagged lightning.


With fiery, orange eyes, the Genie gazed at him and boomed, “Your wish is my command!”


We also had a reading lesson where we explored inference using Phillip Pulman’s version of Aladdin which we have based our writing on. Inference is tricky, but the children worked hard to justify their impressions of certain characters at different points based on what they had read. Next week we will begin planning our own story continuation before we write and edit independently.


In maths lessons, we’ve carried on developing our decimal understanding. We learnt how to round decimals and now know the decimal equivalents of halves and quarters. We’ve also been working hard on our times tables and I am so impressed with the improvement in fluency and accuracy from the class. Keep it up ready for the MTC’s!


In Science, we enjoyed taking a look at our own teeth! We learnt about the different types of teeth and each used a mirror to draw a replica of our own on a diagram, labelling each type.

We also carried on learning about the Romans and how their empire began. It was great to see the children use their knowledge and recall of European countries when looking at the countries that the Romans took over.