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Home Learning Week 9 W/C 22nd June

Hi Super Squirrels.

Wow what a week weather wise!!!

Did you see and hear the storm on Tuesday evening? Wow - some huge thunder bangs and a couple of times we had no electricity! Scary but very exciting too!

It's been a strange week as in between the storms we have had lots of beautiful sunshine too and I even saw a double rainbow the other day! Remember, when the rain does stop and the sun comes out - get outside for some fresh air to keep you healthy.

It has been great to hear what some of you have been up to this last week. I've even heard about a Brownie Challenge, where some of you have raised money for charity by making and selling cakes - this is amazing! Well done to all of you who took part.

I just want to say a well done to everyone - its been the strangest of times and we have had to give up lots of things we enjoy; spending time with our friends and family, being at school, shopping, clubs and lots more. BUT...…. we will be able to do those things again and I am so proud of you all for adapting to the changes so well.

I am missing you all and thinking of you too.

Stay safe Super Squirrels.

Best Wishes from Mrs Robinson smiley

Example timetable for week 9 home learning

Example blank timetable



Sentence Stacking


Jane Considine will no longer be teaching her daily Sentence Stacking lessons.

All previous lessons are still available by clicking here –



BBC Lessons


Monday - Comprehension

Tuesday - Enjoying reading

Wednesday - National writing day lesson

Thursday - Creating characters

Friday - Reading lesson: A Midsummer Night's Dream Retold by Marcia Williams  


Or have a look at the writing tasks in this weeks additional activities, which can be found under the learning project.








Here is the link to the White Rose Maths which we follow in school.

Also find below, the activity sheets and answers.

Or, have a look at this website which offers daily maths lessons and activities.


Or, follow the BBC Bitesize home learning daily lessons.


Here is the timetable for BBC Maths lessons this week:




This week the Learning Project is titled: Environments.

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more

about the environment. Learning may focus on changes to different environments,

the impact of humans on environments, climate change etc.


Activities for you to choose from throughout the week:


Let us wonder


What is the weather like around the world? Which countries are most likely to have a

snowstorm, torrential rain, heatwaves etc…. Find out about natural disasters such as

forest fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and tornadoes. How is climate change influencing the weather and natural disasters? Did you hear / see the storm last Tuesday night? How did it make you feel?


Let us create


Using recycled materials design and make a recycling mascot to spread

the word about the importance and need to recycle. Think about what it is

going to look like? Which materials are you going to use? How are you

going to join the materials together? Once completed, remember to

evaluate your mascot. What would you do differently next time? Which parts did you find the most challenging and why? Don’t forget to send us your photos.


Be Active


Get into the garden and practise throwing and catching skills and keeping control of ball-based equipment like bats and balls.

See the PE section of the home learning page for more activities.


Time to Talk


Discuss environmental issues in the UK. Air pollution, climate change,

litter, waste, and soil contamination are all examples of human activity and

have had an impact in the UK. What are the global environmental issues?

Various processes that can be said to contribute to the global environmental

problems include pollution, global warming, ozone depletion, acid rain,

depletion of natural resources, overpopulation, waste disposal and

deforestation. These processes have a highly negative impact on our

environment. Decide as a family how you could ‘do your bit’ to look after your environment e.g. you could set up a recycling station in your home, Paper, plastics and glass.


Understanding Others and Appreciating Differences


Throughout our lives, culture and experience shapes worldviews. We have a much different understanding of the role of water in our lives than people in the Sahara Desert. The difference between the abundance and scarcity of water in each of these physical environments affects every aspect of their respective cultures, including the global perceptions they will carry with them throughout their lives. Think about food. How do you think people view food in the UK compared to those living in Ethiopia for example? Research a country where food and water are scarce. Find out about charities that help people in need, Red cross  Christian Aid Islamic Relief or other charities that are significant to them.


Additional Activities


Below I have added a document of further activities , mostly linked to the theme of 'Environments.'


Additional Activities for Environments



Have a go at these Outdoor and Adventurous Activities and / or the lessons from Derby County Community Trust.





Family and Pets


You need numbers to describe ages and the number of brothers or sisters you have.

Watch this video from Manchester City striker Sergio Agüero to recap on using Spanish numbers up to twelve.