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Week 5

Week 5


This week in maths, we have been grouping and sharing. 


Sharing is dishing out a known number (e.g. 12) equally to a known number of groups (e.g. 12 ➗3...) until there are none left... “one for you, one for you, one for you”. This would give you the answer of 4... because each group would have an equal amount of 4. E.g. There are 12 rabbits & 3 rabbit hutches, how many rabbits fit into each hutch? 12➗ 3 =4 


Grouping is not knowing how many groups but knowing how many are in each group. “There are 12 cupcakes, people take 3 each, how many people?” (e.g. people = groups). So you group 3, then another 3 etc until there are none left. So 12 grouped (➗) in to 3’s = 4
12➗3=4  (we are keeping to numbers that can evenly/equally be shared with no remainders for now).


We enjoyed doing this using counters practically or drawing the groups on whiteboards!