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Week 5

Week 5


This week we have learnt 4 more sounds…

ck, e, u, r

We’ve enjoyed saying these sounds and finding lots of things that begin/end with these sounds too. You will notice that we have learnt our first digraph this week - a digraph is 2 letters that make one sound. Test us on what a diagraph is!! 

We’ve continued blending our known sounds together to read CVC words too. Some of the words we’ve been reading are: kit, dog, cat, nod, sock, dig, pat, cap, pick, top, set, dad, man, get, ten, pot, cup, cat, sip, mum, duck, pet, nap, red, cat, sip etc. Maybe you could test us at home!


We’ve also learnt another tricky word - I - as well as reviewing last week's tricky word - is.

Other learning we've been doing this week...

smileyWe continued our work on patterns in maths - Mrs Braddock set up some different activities to challenge us in our choosing time.

smileyMoved on to thinking about ordering items by height, using the language shorter, taller, shortest, tallest. Check out your child's learning journal on Tapestry!

smileyIn English we read more about Norman - we were sad to read that Norman felt like he had to cover up his wings from everyone so he kept his coat on. Norman did lots of things in his coat that you wouldn't normally do like go swimming, have a bath, wear it to bed. We then discussed this and drew something Norman did in his coat that was unusual. We also discussed how his parent's felt - some of the feelings words we came up with were anxious, worried, concerned, troubled.

smileyWe learnt about Autumn and what this season is. We then went outside to collect some fallen leaves to use for printing. We used shimmery acrylic paint and printed the leaves onto black card. We got very messy but it was fun and our work looks beautiful!