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Week 5

This week, we have been researching and learning about volcanoes. We have learnt about how they are formed, different types of volcano and found out about past eruptions in different places around the world. We especially enjoyed adding vinegar to bicarbonate of soda with a little food dye and washing up liquid, to create a volcano of our own in the classroom.

As it was Children’s Mental Health week, we read the book My Strong Mind: A Story About Developing Mental Strength by Neils van Hove and learnt about different ways to deal with challenges as well as how to relax, calm ourselves and reflect. We talked about connecting to others for support and made ‘Let’s Connect’ paper chain friends, which we used to practise calming techniques we had read about in My Strong Mind. We also enjoyed ‘Dressing to Express’ to raise funds to help young people get the support they need.