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Week 6

Week 6

Another busy week - Elfie has been causing chaos in the classroom, wrapping the tree in toilet roll and stealing all of Mrs Braddock's post-it notes! We've done lots of Christmassy activities and been practicing our Nativity for you all. The stage went up on Wednesday and we have managed to have a couple of rehearsals - the children are doing really well and those with lines have learnt them beautifully. Thank you for your support with this at home - we just need to work on using our big voices so everyone can hear us!



This week was an assessment & review week. Mrs Braddock worked with all children one to one to see where we all are and if there are any sounds we need to work on. In phonics lessons, we've reviewed the digraphs sh, th, ng, nk and ch. These are the ones we've found hardest to retain and read in words so we will be focussing on these sounds until the end of term (as well as recapping all the other sounds too!) 

We've also had a go at writing CVC words using whiteboards & pens - the children love using them and even asked if they could take them home! I did suggest they could add it to their list for Santa! 


We've also worked on our tricky words too - below is all of the ones we have learnt if you would like to practice at home. 



This week we've been working on 'one less' to 5. The children have grasped this really well. We went on an adventure with Goldilocks who we decided was very naughty taking things away that weren't hers! The children used their fingers to count how many less there would be and then represent their answer using a number fan.