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Autumn 2

Is the Earth Flat or Spherical?

We looked at different evidence from across the ages to decide whether the Earth is flat or spherical. We discovered that Aristotle studied how the image of a ship changed as it sailed into the distance and deduced that the way it disappeared from sight meant that the Earth is curved. We tried this out by moving an object further away along a flat and curved surface. We decided that we all agree with Aristotle’s theory that the Earth is a sphere, especially as images sent from space support this.

The Bread Investigation

Check out what’s happened to our bread over the past fortnight. It appears that hand sanitiser is the best way of protecting our hands from germs. We are surprised at how poor soap and water seems to have been. This has led to an interesting conversation about validity of results, the need to repeat experiments and the conditions in which we carry out investigations.


Check out our fabulous Anglo-Saxon fabric shields. We worked really hard on improving our sewing skills.

Remembrance 2020

We worked with Year 6 to create this fabulous window display to commemorate Remembrance Day.