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Autumn 2

Christmas Cards

We enjoyed making our own snowmen to create Christmas cards for our families. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🎄🎅🏼 🎉

Tinsel the Elf

During December, we have been visited by a mischievous little elf called Tinsel. We have really enjoyed coming in each morning to see what he's been up to: peeking over the wall at the building work, having a tea party with our toy monkey, covering the classroom with books, tipping over the Christmas tree. We hope he has gone to tell Santa Claus how hard we work!

Cosmic- Sentence Stacking

We enjoyed reading the first few chapters of 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell-Boyce. Miss Pritchard stopped at the point where Liam gets to the Porsche showroom and we then worked together to sentence stack the next part of the story. We worked on six plot points, using the FANTASTIC lenses and some GRAMMARISTICs and BOOMTASTICs like relative clauses, short sentences for effect, pathetic fallacy, adverbs and powerful adjectives. We then planned three more plot points for an independent write of what might happen in the next part of the story. We can't wait to read more of the real story after the Christmas holidays to see if we were right.

Making a Human Model of the Solar System

We looked at how far apart the planets are on their orbits and discussed which are the closest together and which are the furthest away. Then, we went outside to create a human model of the Solar System so that we could see just how the planets are spaced out. To do this, we used toilet roll- one sheet represented 20 million km.

Space Calendars

In art, we learnt about how to shade circles in different ways to make them look spherical (hatching, cross hatching, contour hatching, etc). We also had a go with pastels. We then used this technique to create our own pictures of the Solar System which we turned into calendars.

Making Orreries

We have had a go at creating our own orreries to help us to name the planets in the correct order. We also used the mnemonic My Very Epic Mother Just Served Up Nachos (Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune).


We have been decorating the classroom for Christmas. We have been busy solving Christmas mysteries for Maths and SPAG and loved working together to create our own Mathematical Christmas board games.

Virtual Sports Competition

We have been working alongside, across the playground, the Year 6 class to participate in a virtual sports competition. We carried out different events in athletics, dodgeball and archery. We had lots of fun!

Earth and Space- Double Page Spreads

As part of our Science work, we had our own information card about a particular planet and had five minutes to 'speed date' as many other planets as we could. We then carried out our own research on the planets to create these spectacular double page spreads:

A Virtual Author Visit- Robin Stevens

This week's author visit was from Robin Stevens, the author of the 'Murder Most Unladylike' series. She talked about her love of murder mysteries and where she gets her inspiration from. A few of us have already read some of her stories and lots of us were keen to go home and purchase some for ourselves.

A Virtual Author Visit- Jamie Littler

We had an amazing morning today- participating in a Zoom virtual visit with the author and illustrator Jamie Littler. Jamie talked to us about his books (the Frozen Heart series), the processes involved in writing, illustrating and publishing your own books and gave us an artistic masterclass on how to draw the character Master Podd. It was amazing to hear how his books go through up to seven lots of drafting and editing and showed us how important it is to edit our own work.

POPCORN- Our Class Treat

This term, we are working towards a special treat- a whole day of Christmas activities (if we manage to gain all our otter faces by Christmas). Miss Pritchard has even promised not to do any work and join in with us! We have to collect 10 otter faces to gain a new letter to spell out the word 'POPCORN'. We are trying to work hard, quietly and to be as kind and friendly as possible towards each other (especially at playtime). Challenge on!

The Bread Experiment- The Final Result

Our bread experiment as now come to an end. The final results differed from those at the end of weeks 1 and 2 as we discovered that washing our hands with soap and water for 20 seconds was the best way to prevent the spread of germs. This piece of bread was only covered in mould on one side; whereas the other pieces were completely covered on both sides- some of the mould was brown, black and yellow in addition to the usual blue mould (penicillium). Some of the pieces of bread had even begun to disintegrate!

The Library Build

The library building work continues. Our extra bay has now been blocked off so that it can be knocked through to form part of the new room. Unfortunately, we are now unable to see what is going on or take any photographs- but the noise and draft makes us think that the demolition is in full swing!

Is the Earth Flat or Spherical?

We looked at different evidence from across the ages to decide whether the Earth is flat or spherical. We discovered that Aristotle studied how the image of a ship changed as it sailed into the distance and deduced that the way it disappeared from sight meant that the Earth is curved. We tried this out by moving an object further away along a flat and curved surface. We decided that we all agree with Aristotle’s theory that the Earth is a sphere, especially as images sent from space support this.

The Bread Investigation

Check out what’s happened to our bread over the past fortnight. It appears that hand sanitiser is the best way of protecting our hands from germs. We are surprised at how poor soap and water seems to have been. This has led to an interesting conversation about validity of results, the need to repeat experiments and the conditions in which we carry out investigations.


Check out our fabulous Anglo-Saxon fabric shields. We worked really hard on improving our sewing skills.

Remembrance 2020

We worked with Year 6 to create this fabulous window display to commemorate Remembrance Day.