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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3:

Super Squirrel Class!



Thanks for a great year.......

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Tsunami Waves


We found out that tsunami waves have been recorded as high as 30 metres tall.

We used trundle wheels to measure this out on the playground. 

It was amazing and frightening to see how big tsunami waves can be.

Angry Earth Homework Projects


More fabulous homework projects which really show how much you have enjoyed this topic. Well done Super Squirrels. 


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Sentence Stacking


We have finished our sentence stacking based on ‘Stone Age Boy’ by Satoshi Kitamura. We have also had great fun ‘walking through’ the story and are excited about writing our own story.



We have had great fun in music using the Hand Bells.


Shared Reading


We have enjoyed working in groups to collect adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

We then worked as a class to rank the words from the least to the most powerful.

Now we can use our new word banks, to help with our writing. 

🐿 We got a little distracted on our Daily Mile today, watching two other ‘Super Squirrels’ playing! 🐿

Thank you Super Squirrels for all of your donations towards helping the animals in Australia🇦🇺🐨🦘



More great maths work using written methods to solve addition and subtraction calculations.

Some of us have been working on our maths at home and have then been challenging the class with very hard sums!

Wonderful Stone Age Homework Projects!


From coconut caves, to woolly mammoths made from clay, to cave painting on slate, to Stone age menus and even a cave with a light up fire!

Plus many more - all showing your amazing efforts - well done Super Squirrels.

Stonehenge Day

We have had a great day learning about Stonehenge.

We have completed internet research and started our own double page information pages.

We have ripped up black paper to create a silhouette Stonehenge onto our Ombre backgrounds and have built stone circle monuments using Jenga blocks, stones and even Weetabix!


We have worked so hard, carefully mixing colour and white paints to create an Ombre background.

Remembrance Day


We have extended our learning of Remembrance Day during our Shared Reading sessions this week.

Mrs Robinson showed us a presentation which her friend Patrick had helped her with. It taught us about his time in Afghanistan as an Army medic.

He also drew us this picture which we have each filled with a poppy.

Sentence Stacking


We have finished out 'Sentence Stacking' work based on.....


We then enjoyed 'walking' through the story.

We discussed the main plot points and added in the 'Fantastic' symbols to link with our sentence stacking work.



During our work about food groups in the first autumn term, we had some great discussions about sugar.

We have extended our learning of this by looking at the hidden sugar content in different drinks.

We made our predictions first, before measuring out the correct amount of sugar for each drink.

Art and Designer Week


We were so lucky to have Sophie Edwards in our class today.

Sophie is a portrait artist from Derby - she shared her incredible work and then helped us with our own drawings of David Beckham.


We tried so hard to follow Sophie's step-by-step drawing instructions.

We learnt so much about drawing portraits too.



We have been looking at the work of Gary Harvey - a designer who makes clothes from recycled materials.

We worked extremely well, in small groups, designing and making our own amazing outfits out of newspaper!

Healthy Human Homework Projects

What super effort you have put into your homework projects - well done Super Squirrels!

I can't wait to see the rest next week.


We have had great fun learning the scientific names for different bones in the body.


Great mini target games in PE.

It is getting rather chilly out there! Please make sure your child has outdoor trainers and a suitable outdoor PE kit for these colder days.

More Super Problem Solving Work

More great work today, solving visual puzzles using match sticks.

Problem Solving

We really have been getting to the 'root' of our maths work this week!

We have done lots of work solving visual puzzles, identifying relationships between numbers and working out rules for patterns.

Hot Seating


We thought of some great questions to ask 'Goldilocks' as part of our Literacy work based on Fairy Tales.



What would you ask her?

Sentence Stacking


We have finished our first sentence stacking piece - some wonderful poems about 'Happiness.'


We worked so hard to create this beautiful squirrel for the hall display.

We looked carefully at different examples of patterns, before creating and colouring our own.

Some of us drew our patterns onto the squirrel and some of us worked together to colour in patterns to collage onto the squirrel.

We are all very proud of the final art piece which represents our Year 3 class as 'Super Squirrels.'


We have been working hard, using the place value counters, to complete our addition sums.

We then moved onto subtraction sums.

Science Topic - Healthy Humans

We are looking forward to starting our first topic.

We have thought carefully and discussed what we would like to find out during our learning and have created some excellent title pages too.

Our Class Web

We had great fun getting to know each other with this settling in activity. We threw the ball of wool to someone else in the class if they had the same interest or fact. We created this beautiful woollen web which shows that we are all connected!