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Autumn 1 Learning

We had so much fun painting our clay leaf bowls, they helped us to understand the colours of autumn leaves.

We learnt about Andy Goldsworthy before going outside and exploring the school grounds to see what we could use to create our own piece of art. We discussed the colours of the autumn leaves that we found during our exploring, along with pine cones and acorns.

For a display in school, we have all created a self portrait. We observed our features in a mirror and carefully sketched our own face before colouring it in using pastels. We are so proud of our artwork!

As part of our Science learning, we have started to create clay leaf bowls. We had so much fun rolling out the clay and pressing a leaf into it. Once they are dry, we will paint them in autumn colours.

We started our Geography topic about 'The UK' and thought about the differences between towns/cities and the countryside. We shared 'The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse' book to help us with our ideas.

We learnt about compasses and thought about aerial views. We explored the ideas of maps further by creating ‘messy maps’ using classroom items to represent different aspects of our room! We had so much fun!