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Week 3 (From 15/6/20): Famous People

Hello to all my Fantastic Foxes! I am really missing you all so much!

I hope that you have been keeping busy at home and really enjoyed our 'Under the Sea' theme as much as we did in school. I have had some lovely emails of the things that you have been doing and have been checking on Twitter too! In school, Bubble C had great fun making clay sea animals and we also made our own fish tank on paper plates. We've got to wait for everything to dry out (and to put some paint on our animals) and hope to share our pictures of them on Twitter once everything is completed.


This week, we are all learning about famous and significant people. Mrs Miller has been busy posting lots of ideas on here for you to try. In school, I am going to teach about Rosa Parks and the Queen and we are going to have a go at some artwork by Mondrian. It is also a special day on Sunday for some very special and significant people we know (our dads!) so we are going to make sure cards too.


I've got a busy week at home this week for my significant people! My niece Erin turns 1 on Tuesday and my sister is 30 on Friday, so we will have a special garden party at a safe distance! If it doesn't rain!


I am in school every week from Wednesday to Friday so give me a wave if you walk past! I love seeing you and your family!


Bye bye for now,

Miss Pritchard

Please see the extra support for you and your child in the Social and Emotional Section on the first front page.

There are new resources to help with talking to children about emotions and worries relating to the Covid


This week, we are getting involved in painting pebbles for the nurses rock garden at the Royal Derby Hospital so please get involved if you can. (Check the Learning Project details attached below) 


Year 1 Learning Project- Week 3: Famous and Significant People