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Year 4

Transition activities for you to complete for your new teacher, Miss Pritchard

Please feel free to adapt these ideas or to create your own picture or piece of work which tells us something about you. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! It would be fabulous if you could drop your work into school before the end of term so that we can get busy displaying it ready for our return in September - you could even drop it in for us when you collect your report. Enjoy!

Below are some ideas to complete during June that might give you some ideas of different things to do.


At home, I’ve been doing 30 Days Wild with my family and have been adding more wildlife friendly features to our gardens to help encourage wildlife to our little ‘patch’. If you do the 30 Days Wild, would be lovely to see some of your photos! Perhaps you have made a bird feeder? Or spotted some creepy crawlies in your garden? 



Below are some fun ideas that you might want to have a go at.


The Wildlife Trust are running their annual nature challenge in June called 30 Days Wild.

Click on the link below to access this Bingo game – you could play it on your daily walks and / or whilst in the garden.

Week beginning 30th March 2020

Ideas to complete this week:

  • Listen to a story by David Walliams, a new story is going on each day at 11am from World's Worst Children:
  • Write a set of instructions for something (such as baking / drawing / building a lego model etc) and get someone else to follow them - you could maybe email them to a friend! How successful were they in following your instructions? Did you make them clear enough?
  • Science - create instruments out of household junk / recycling and compose a piece of music. You could use an empty tissue box and some elastic bands, or fill glasses with different amounts of water and tap them with a spoon. Maybe tweet us a picture of your work!
  • Numeracy - look at prices on a receipt (or browse an online retailer). Try to find different combinations of coins & notes that you could use to pay for your shopping. How many different combinations can you find?

Week beginning 23rd March 2020

Ideas to complete this week:

  • Paint or draw a rainbow picture and display it in a window of your house. This will then form part of a "Rainbow Trail", so when you go on a walk outside with your family (keeping a safe distance from others) you can see how many rainbows you can spot. 
  • Write a letter, draw a picture or make a card and send it to grandparents or other relatives that you are currently unable to visit.
  • Our Science topic is Sound. Sit outside quietly and make a note of the sounds that you can hear. Are they near? And they far away? How can you tell? Are they low pitch or high pitch?
  • You could keep improving your skills on Scratch - follow some of the tutorials and see what new skills you can learn
  • Keep a diary of what you are up to and how you are feeling. You could do this in a notebook or typed up. We are experiencing history: why not keep your own account to look back on in future years. 

  • Popular children's author Oliver Jeffers is reading one of his stories each night at 6pm on his website, which could be a lovely way to relax at the end of the day as a family and enjoy a story together 

  • In Numeracy this week, we would have been covering Fractions. Please find below some worksheets and questions to complete and also a knowledge organiser to support this work being completed.


Science - Sound Homework Grid

Don't forget that there is the Sound Homework to complete - perhaps instead of completing one piece, you could challenge yourself to complete two pieces, or one piece in more depth than you normally would!