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Week 4

Week 4

It's been another busy week! On Monday we had a 'football' themed day to celebrate England's first World Cup game against Iran. We enjoyed watching the football in the afternoon and loved celebrating all six goals! Mrs Braddock and Miss Broadhurst loved watching the game with us as well. Fingers crossed for a good result against the USA!



This week we learnt 4 more digraphs - sh, th, ng and nk. These are the last of our new sounds we will learn until after Christmas. We have read lots of words containing these sounds - we have found these ones a little trickier to pick up so will be doing lots of extra repeated practice when possible!


We also learnt 4 new tricky words - she, he, of and go.

I will attach the home learning sheet below in case you would like to practice some more at home!

Other learning this week:

yes We continued our writing unit on 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. We wrote short phrases or sentences about the feel of the families clothes after they had walked through the river. Some of the words we came up with were: soggy, damp, drenched, wet, sodden, dripping

yes We learnt all about the number 5 in Maths - we counted to 5, spotted it on a number line, found fives all around the classroom and made groups of 5 things. 

yesWe had an impromptu visit from Officer Bob and Officer Louise from the Mercia Police SNT who came to introduce themselves to us! It was great to meet them and we look forward to learning more about a police officers job in our People Who Help Us topic later on in the year. 

yesWe have started learning our songs for our Nativity Play - look out for our lines and song words in our book bags over the next week so we can learn them at home too.