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Reading and Writing

This week, we have continued to look at books by famous children's author Julia Donaldson. 

Don't forget you can look at a biography about Julia on the Oxford Owl site.(Details on the Learning Project main sheet). The children will benefit from learning parts of this rhyming story, singing the rhymes and acting out parts of the story. 

Then ask your child to create and describe their own woodland creature. There are a few links to Alex's illustrations of the Gruffalo for help with this and activities from the Tate Art Gallery.

I have also added another woodland rhyming story- Where's My Teddy? by Jez Alborough, as part of the Learning Project this week is about the creators of Teddy Bears. Your child may then want to have a go at describing their favourite teddy or creating a story about their teddy visiting the woods and perhapes meeting a Gruffalo!