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Year 5

Welcome to the Outstanding Otters Class page!

Come here to find out useful information and to hear about all the exciting things we have been doing in Year 5! 


Rainforest Homework

Super impressed by the the Outstanding Otters fantastic rainforest homework projects!

Our finished clay tiles!

We used pearlescent paints to finish our clay tiles and are so proud of the outcome. They look fantastic and everyone is looking forward to taking theirs home!

Clay tiles

On Wednesday 18th June we began making our clay tiles in the theme of our current topic, rainforests. Watch this space, as once they are dry we will be painting them to make them look even more fantastic! 

Alien Soup!!

On the last day of term, we discovered that aliens had visited us the night before and left some of their soup behind! Miss Shepherd challenged us to try and separate the mixture in groups to establish what the soup was made of and use all the skills we had learnt to do this.....

In the lead up to this, we have been learning about properties and changes of materials and used a number of practical methods and skills to develop our understanding. Firstly we had a recap on solids, liquids and gases as all materials can be in any one of these three states. As a class we acted out the particles in each in the hall which was rather amusing - gases were definitely the class favourite! We then used this knowledge to compare and group everyday materials which included an investigation of the properties of 5 different materials. After this, we explored mixtures and solutions, including how to separate them, and reversible and irreversible changes. We explored dissolving and observed glowsticks, self inflating balloons and the changes of mixing milk and vinegar. 

WW2 Homework

Once again, some fantastic homework has been completed by the Outstanding Otters!! I am so pleased to see the class expanding their knowledge on what we learn in class. Please feel free to come in to class and take a look at all their hard work on display (except for the delicious cakes and cookies as we've eaten those!). 


Over this Summer term, we have been using ‘Scratch’ and together have constructed the simulation of a sound and lighting system for a party. As part of this, we have simulated the control within an audio system using selection, repetition and variables; used costumes and variables as a condition for selection. Next, we are going to apply what we have learnt to design and program a simulation of a second physical system. Watch this space!


WW2 cooking - Woolton Pie

As part of our WW2 topic, we have been learning about rationing during the war. As part of this we decided to create a Woolton Pie and discussed the appropriate ingredients we would need to create it. Luckily we made three pies, two with a pastry top and one with sweet potato, as the class found it so delicious that some went back for seconds....and even thirds!! Who knew vegetables could be so tasty!!

Feel free to ask for the recipe if anybody would like to try this at home.

Blitz screen printing and collage


Class assembly - Thursday 21st March

Image result for clap clipart

Well done Year 5 - an 'OUTSTANDING' class assembly from you all! 

Toyota class trip

On Tuesday 19th March, we went on a class trip to Toyota at Burnaston. Throughout the day, we got an introduction into the world of manufacturing where we took part in an interactive workshop and experienced working in a team environment. We also learnt about Japan and its traditions, which included receiving a 'Daruma doll' as a symbol of perseverance and good luck (you can find this in our classroom). We developed our skills in the use of production hand tools and practiced applying our problem solving skills on a Lego production line and 'Hands on' challenges. It was a fantastic day and we learnt lots - we even got a goody bag to take home!

 We will, we will, TT ROCK you!

Times Tables Rock Stars has officially been announced at WPS and we had a fantastic day rocking out! All of the class now have their log in for the website (which you can find in the useful websites link) and hope this helps them to practise and become a Rock Hero!!

May the 'force' be with you!

In Science, we have been learning about 'forces.' We've learnt about different types of forces including: gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction. To develop our understanding and scientific skills, we completed a number of investigations to test the effects that different forces have on an object. This included making parachutes and testing the effects of friction created by different materials. We are now more confident with planning investigations by ensuring that it is a fair test.

Willington WI delicious Rock Cakes!

We hope you enjoyed eating the children's rock cakes as much as they enjoyed making them! Thank you again to Willington WI for teaching the Y5 children how to make them.

Andy Warhol inspired space art

As part of our topic work we have been learning about Andy Warhol, a famous Pop Art artist from the 1960's. First, we carefully sketched an astronaut and then painted them in bright colours using brushes and cotton buds!

Year 5's WW2 morning

On Wednesday 30th January, a visitor named Mark came into school to teach us about WW2 and show us some incredible artifacts from the war.

We started by learning about the different types of gas masks, their uses and a few of us got to try a real one on. We were so surprised to see that a baby’s gas mask was bigger than adults as it had to cover their whole body! After that, we learnt about the Blitz and even re-enacted an air raid shelter (under our desks!), whilst sirens rang out in the classroom. We then took part in a ‘Home Guard Drill,’ where two of the class wore an English and German uniform. Finally, after answering lots of questions about his own family and their involvement during WW2, Mark finished by talking about rationing and gave us imperial money to calculate the costs of a shopping list of rationed food.

We had such a fantastic morning and learnt even more about our WW2 topic.

Year 5 Cookery with Willington WI

Every Tuesday afternoon for the next three weeks (29th Jan, 5th Feb & 12th Feb), the Year 5 pupils will be working with members of the local WI to participate in cookery lessons.  The children will be making Rock cakes and will be taking them home to taste, along with their recipe.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the WI for working with the children with this activity.

Earth & Space Homework Projects

Take a look at some of our Earth and Space homework - it is out of this world!!!

Happy New Year!!

To welcome in the New Year this morning, we decided on some resolutions and things we would like to get better at in 2019. You can see these on display in the Year 5 corridor...

Sentence Stacking

We have finished our first sentence stacking story about 'The Nowhere Emporium' - it's taken up a whole wall in our classroom! Next week we are going to plan and write our own prologue based on it. Watch this space for more fantastic work!

Earth & Space

This terms Y5 Science project is Earth and Space and we have already begun learning lots of new things about the Solar System. We had fun creating a scaled solar system model in the playground using toilet paper and spherical representations. We decided that each sheet of toilet roll would represent 20 million km and couldn't believe how far away each of the planets are from the Sun, especially Neptune which is approximately 4,500,000,000km (225 sheets of toilet roll!).

Our Anglo-Saxon Homework Projects

Our homework projects are now on display in the year 5 art bay - please come and have a look when you are next in school. The class has produced some brilliant work, I am so impressed with their hard work and understanding... Well done!

The Nowhere Emporium Arrives at Year 5!

Year 5 were surprised to find a mysterious looking doorway that featured in 'The Nowhere Emporium' at the end of the Year 6 corridor last week and nervously gathered around to discuss our thoughts, feelings, actions and questions about the doorway. We have now begun writing a prologue for our own adventure story, so watch this space for some fantastic work...

Anglo-Saxon Shields

As part of our Anglo-Saxon Topic work, Year 5's have researched, designed and created their own Anglo-Saxon shields using felt. The children pinned and cut out their template designs onto their felt pieces and developed their stitching techniques to join the felt together. We even evaluated each others work against our designs and gave feedback to each other so we could improve our work. We are very proud of the outcomes...

Year 5 Parents' Meeting powerpoint