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wc 19.09.22

Week 3


Although it had been a shorter week due to the bank holiday for the Queen’s funeral, we have been busy Brilliant Badgers!


Bex and Angela from Derbyshire music hub were in again on Thursday  - the instruments that we are building up to learn (either the violin or cello) have arrived and we are really looking forward to learn how to play them, even Miss Shepherd! This week we were learning more about pitch, rhythm and pattern.

In maths, we continued our work on number lines and the children are feeling much more confident with this – we’ll be revisiting these again soon but with larger values. We’re now moving on to numbers beyond 1,000 and securing our place value knowledge. I have to say, it’s been lovely to see the enthusiasm from the class in these lessons and we are working hard on our discussions using the correct mathematical vocabulary.

In writing, we’ve begun sentence stacking on our Charlie & the Chocolate factory narrative. The class have been thinking carefully about and sharing some fantastic vocabulary to make sure it is the most effective and precise in every sentence. At the end of each lesson, three children will share their work which we put together and display to ‘stack’ our story – here’s our story so far:



He looked. He stared. He glared. Charlie knew he wanted a Mintastic Crunch.


As the shopkeeper happily handed him the bar of chocolate, his eyes had tiny sparkles in them like stars in the beautiful night sky.

Theo A

Charlie felt joyful. This was the most scrumptious thing he had ever tasted – sugary, smooth and creamy.


“Steady now, you might be ill if you eat it that quick lad!” screeched the worried shopkeeper.


Charlie carried on wolfing down the chocolate bar. He didn’t see the glittery golden ticket; however he loved the taste of melting chocolate in his mouth.


First he imagined. Next he pondered. Finally he considered.


Clatter! Charlie felt the silver coins warm in his hands. He placed them on the counter to show the shopkeeper he wanted another bar.


Gently… carefully… nervously… he slowly unwrapped the silver foil.


He couldn’t believe what he was seeing and froze in shock. Right there in front of him was a golden ticket – shimmering, glittering and glistening.

In French, we revised basic greetings and are learn how to ask someone how they are feeling as well as answer the question themselves in French.


In PE, we played rounders with Sportscool and continued our badminton lessons. This week we focused on aim and accuracy, finishing the lesson having a go at rallies.