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w/b 18th May

Hi Brilliant Badgers,


I hope that you are all staying safe and keeping busy. It’s been really great to hear what some of you have been up to.

As well as adding activities for this week, I have also added an example timetable which you may find useful if you are wanting a bit more structure. There is a blank timetable that you can use if you wish. Don't feel like you need to use them, but they are there if you want to use them.


Please keep emailing in pictures of your work, or just drop me a message to let me know what you have been up to. I will always reply to these emails, so please send some photos in to share some of your activities. I am in school on Monday this week, if you would prefer to telephone. 


As next week is half-term, I won't be uploading work so that you can enjoy some family time. There are activities on the main Year 4 home learning page that you might want to do if you are looking for something to keep busy.
Hope you have a lovely half-term. Missing you all!


Mrs Maynard



RE -  

In our next unit of RE we were due to look at Christianity, particularly about why people choose to follow Jesus as well as some of the stories Jesus told.

We looked at the story of the Good Samaritan in class, see if you can remember it and retell it to an adult.

The following links are to the story of the Sower and the seeds from the Bible. Watch the videos below and discuss what you have seen, do you understand what Jesus meant by it?

You could complete the storyboard, explaining where the seed fell and what it represented. There is also a wordsearch related to this (the answers are on the second page). Should you be feeling very creative perhaps you could act out the story, narrating it as you go along.

If anyone is particularly pleased with what they achieve please feel free to photograph/ record it and send it to me on the email address on the website so I can see what you have done, I'd really like to see anything you do.

Mrs Powell x



See if you can remember how to greet people in Spanish (I have added a sheet to help you), practice talking to your family (and teaching them) so you can have a short conversation.

We did quite a lot of work on learning numbers and colours during the year so see if you can complete the sheets I have added for you.
Mrs Powell x



We would have been working on a Geography topic about Biomes. Please watch a video about Biomes using the link below.

Afterwards, I would like you to research and produce a double-page spread (or PowerPoint/poster) to show off your research skills, about one of the following biomes: desert, savannah, woodland, grassland or tundra. (Please DO NOT research rainforests, as this is a topic that is covered in Year Five.)


This research and double-page spread should use least two of the Topic Lesson slots that I had put on the example timetable.


D&T (cooking) - 


Mrs Robinson has kindly let me have the flapjack recipe that you used last year! I know that many of you enjoyed making them, so I thought it would be nice for you be able to make them at home and include any extras (such as chocolate chips or smarties) to make them even yummier!

PE - 


Below is the file for this weeks PE which is Orienteering. Alternatively, you could do a Joe Wicks workout or Cosmic Kids Yoga - both of these can be found on YouTube. If it is a nice day, you could go for a walk as a family instead.