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Week 4

We had an exciting start to the week and really enjoyed learning about and watching England in their first World Cup match. During the week, we have continued to practise our addition and subtraction skills using apparatus to support us and have learnt about exchanges and carrying amounts in formal column calculations. Our time travelling Stone Age sentence stacked story is developing well and we have been learning about using inverted commas to mark direct speech.


A mysterious and unforgettable thing once happened to me.

Roaming in the woods one day, I suddenly changed direction.

I slipped and found myself sinking lower, lower and lower.


When I awoke, I was in a dark, echoey place.

A cave!

Outside, I could see clear crystal clouds and a beaming sun above a rocky mountain.

I realised I was lost. Quite lost! Very lost! Completely lost!


All of a sudden, I saw someone walking towards me- a girl ?

She didn’t look like any girls I knew.

She wore a grubby, smudged tunic and her matted, brunette hair was muddy and knotted.

”Hello! I’m Robert,” I said.

Robert,” she repeated and then patted herself and made a sound like “Om”.

We have started learning Christmas carols for our festive performance in a few weeks time and during Science, we have also been investigating different forces and have carried out a friction investigation with cars and ramps.