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Year 2

Here you can view all the magical things that the Marvellous, Mighty Mice                  have been learning about and find useful documents, letters and links to online activities.




We have recently started a new system of learning to write effectively. As part of this system, we work collaboratively on writing a class story or other text, which is built up in sentences before working independently on our own work. It is still early days, but we have been very impressed by the contributions children have made to our class story. Here is our class fantasy story so far...


Linked learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. 

As part of our History topic (Titanic) and Science investigations (Materials), we have looked at properties of water and ice. We made mini icebergs and looked at melting ice. We investigated how to speed up the process with salt, and also used our melting icebergs to mix coloured dyes. This helped us learn about colour mixing for art work which we completed later. 

Science and Titanic Art Work

We have looked at different materials that float and are waterproof, in order to plan what materials are suitable to build a boat.

We also learnt about oils floating on water and used marbling inks to mix colours and make coloured, patterned paper.

We used the papers to make seascape pictures of the Titanic.

Here are some of the collaged pictures and a display in our classroom.


Thanks to all the fantastic support at home! We have seen some marvellous homework, this half term!


Don't forget to join us when we will be presenting all our Titanic work in a Class Assembly on Thursday 22nd November.


Autumn Term 2

Box Model Vehicles

This half term we have designed and made model vehicles. All of the vehicles had to have axles and we all enjoyed using the saw, painting and testing them out later.

Tessilated Shape Picture

We have been developing our understanding of shape in Maths recently and have used different papers to create tessellated patterns.

Super 'Willington' Homework

 Here are just some of the super homework projects completed this half term about our local village.
2019 Spring Term

The Elves and the Shoemaker

We really enjoyed Nottingham Playhouse visiting us and also took part in a drama workshop with the actors following the show.

Later in class, we looked at play scripts and how actors read and act in different roles. 

African Art

This half term, as part of our Kenya topic, we have looked at Amazwi Contempory art created by Sarah Shindu and Shake Makelele and created our own chalk African images. You can see some of our work displayed on the display walls in our classroom.

Later, we designed and made masks using papier-mache based on African tribal masks.

Science - Micro-habitats in our school grounds.

Kenya Homework Projects

Just a few of the completed projects.
Our art work and poetry have been so impressive this half term, we have been able to exhibit our achievements in the library.
Our writing has been pretty impressive and we thought we would share some pieces with you.


African Animal Tales

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

This term, we have been observing the changes in our class caterpillars as they have grown and then transformed into crysallis. We were very excited at the end of the term, when we watched a butterfly emerge and then later, set it free in the school grounds.

Say hello to Bob the Butterfly

Butterfly Cushions

We have sewn and made our own butterfly cushions after looking at and drawing different butterflies.


More amazing homework and tasty space themed baking!

All ready for our Expedition Picnic!

As part of our topic work about Explorers, we have designed and made a healthy eating picnic. We had fun spreading, chopping and cutting up the ingredients and have made a sandwich and fruit salad to eat outdoors. We used the ship outdoor to imagine we had sailed to America.

Welcome to the world, Lucky and Waddles!

Our ducklings are growing fast!

This week, the duckling went for a swim. We can't believe how much they have grown!