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Literacy Tasks


Look at different recipe books you may have at home.

Do they have diagrams or pictures?  

How is the writing arranged on the page?

Read the following recipes. Think about the types of words and the type of sentences being used. 

     Words:           Nouns               Verbs

   Sentences:         Statement                Question            Command           Exclamation         

Watch the following powerpoint presentation about ....


     Imperative Verbs

 Write your own Instructions for your Explorer Snack  

This could be the sandwich or fruit salad you made earlier.

Make sure you have ...


A title or name of the recipe.

Equipment List,

Ingredients List,


Numbered instructions that are in the correct sequence 

Use imperative 'bossy' verbs 

Use time connectives such as first, next, then, afterwards, finally.

Can you add an introduction with a question for the reader. For example...

Are your sandwiches tasteless and dull? Do you wish you could pack a delicious, healthy feast for your next picnic?

Well now you can. Just follow these instructions to find out how.

Can you add a 'Top Tip'