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Home Learning Week 5 W/C 18th May

Hi Super Squirrels,


I hope that you are all staying safe and keeping busy. It’s been really great to hear what some of you have been up to.

As well as adding activities for this week, I have also added an example timetable which you may find useful to follow or adapt. There is also a blank timetable so that you can fill out your own.

Some of us find it helpful to structure out the day, so its there if you want it – hope it helps.


Keep the photos coming in and I’ll hopefully see you all soon.

Also, have a lovely half term break – hopefully, the sun will be out for us!


Missing you all,


Best wishes, Mrs Robinson

Example Timetable for Week 5 Home Learning

Blank Timetable



Please remember – you are not expected to do all of these activities! There is a selection so that you can choose. Maybe follow the sentence stacking one week, then the following week have a go at the BBC bitesize lessons.


Sentence Stacking

For those of you missing our Sentence Stacking, Jane Considine, who invented the writing scheme we use in school, will be delivering daily English activities for pupils to complete at home. Click on the link below to join in.


The National Academy

The National Academy are updating their site weekly with lessons for each year group.

This week their Literacy focus is Character Description.


BBC lessons - Writing a diary entry  


Learn how to summarise information and to write creatively.

Based on the book: Charlie Changes into a Chicken by Sam Copeland





Below is the link to the BBC Bitesize home learning daily lessons.  All of the activities and worksheets needed can be found here, along with the accompanying videos and animations.





Or, have a look at this website which offers daily maths lessons and activities.


As always, there is no expectation to carry out all of the tasks for the week, so feel free to dip into the resources and have a go!

From both websites, you can also access the home learning for Year 1 and Year 2 – if you are struggling with Year 3 then have a go at previous class activities to build your confidence. We don’t want anyone to be struggling.


Week 5 - activities focusing on orienteering



Sunflower Progress


My sunflowers are still growing well!

Have you planted any seeds? Send in your photos so we can see how they are growing.


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3







Our next Science topic is - Light and Shadows


Lesson 1 - What is light?





Lesson 2 - What is reflection?





A playground game to help with counting in Spanish