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Parents play a vital role in supporting their child's reading development and our partnership between home and school is essential for success. Try to make time for your child to read to you from their school levelled reading book 5 times each week. Please then sign your child's Reading Record Book.

We also send home a library book to encourage reading for pleasure. Your child will choose this book from a range selected to be appropriate for their age group and maturity. Please share this book with them by reading to your child, helping your child to read appropriate sections and by discussing the contents.



Spellings are set each week with Spelling Tests taking place (when possible) on a Monday. 

Repeated practise of spellings is crucial to embed knowledge into your child's long-term memory.

You may practise spellings at home using Spelling Shed interactive games and by using paper methods in your child's Home Spelling Book.

Aim for your child to practise for at least 3 times a week.


Times Tables

Repeated practise of key mathematical facts is also crucial for confidence and fluency when calculating during maths lessons. 

Children should be practising multiplication and related division facts through the use of interactive games on Times Tables Rock Stars and/or use other written methods. 

Aim for your child to practise for at least 3 times a week. 

Children in Year 4 will take part in a timed progress check of all multiplication facts up to 12 x 12.

Please note- Start in Year 3 by using Garage, Jamming and Arena. Initially, children can become overwhelmed in other areas of TTRS if all multiplication facts are presented to them.


You may also use....


Access to Spelling Shed and TTRS

You will find your child's details in the front cover of their individual Reading Record Book.



Half Termly Homework Learning Logs

Your child will bring home a book containing a 'Tic-Tac Toe' three by three grid each half term.

The grid contains a range of homework tasks for your child to choose from that consolidates learning taking place in school

Complete at least 3 challenges so that you make a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. You must include the middle square. Colour in each square as you complete that activity. We will later celebrate and share all your projects in school. 

Further Parent Information

Spelling Information and Homework Support Leaflet

Spelling Shed Parent Guide

Times Tables Rock Stars Parent Guide