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Spring 1

Lockdown Learning

This term, the country is in another national lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. School is closed to most of us, but that isn't stopping us! We have settled in so well to our new way of learning; some of us in school and some of us on MS Teams. Some of our work is a little bit different to normal, but still as fun and challenging. 

This is our space to share all that we have been learning both at home and at school. We hope you enjoying seeing our achievements.

Still Together, Otters Forever!

Week 6

We did an egg-cellent experiment where we had to squeeze an egg as hard as we could to try and crack it! It was great fun!

Here is a collage of just some of the excellent work that we have been up to this week.

Tuesday 9th February was Safer Internet Day 2021. We completed a reading comprehension about the theme for this year’s day (to learn about who and what to trust and to explore reliability in the online world) and discussed what we found out and what this means for us. We also enjoyed the BBC Live Lesson on Safer Internet Day.

We were upset at the news of Captain Sir Tom Moore’s death. We walked 100 steps in his memory and worked as a class (both at home and in school) to decorate our windows with medals that we’ve made in his honour.

We have been busy at home and school decorating daffodils to put in our windows; thanks to Radio Derby for the idea. Some of us watched a tutorial on how to draw a daffodil by Shoo Rayner. He even retweeted our picture on Twitter!! The daffodils are a reminder to everyone of Spring, hope and new beginnings. Take a walk around your local area and see how many you can spot.

Weeks 3-5

During weeks 3, 4 and 5, we have been super busy across all areas of the curriculum. We have been thinking about vocabulary and the characters in David Walliam's 'Demon Dentist', writing parts of the story of 'Oliver Twist', finishing our space topic and starting a new one on World War II. In Maths, we have been working on our key skills, learning about different way of presenting data and solving problems in statistics and learning about multiples, factors, prime and composite numbers and square and cube numbers. We have also been making sure that we take time to be creative and express ourselves as part of Children's Mental Health Week 2021. We will make sure that we continue to do this and be kind to ourselves, and to talk to people we trust about our worries and feelings.

Weeks 1 and 2

Super work from Week 1 and 2