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w/b 11th May



Below is a file which contains picture based activities and a link to a reading activity by the BBC which is based on the book Dindy and the Elephant by Elizabeth Laird.



For those of you missing our Sentence Stacking, Jane Considine, who invented the writing scheme we use in school, will be delivering daily English activities for pupils to complete at home.


Don't forget you can continue to improve your spelling abilities using Spelling Shed


Here is a lesson to improve your ability to use apostrophes to show possession:



This week for numeracy, I have included links to the BBC Bitesize home learning daily lessons. These follow the same principles as White Rose Maths.  All of the activities and worksheets needed can be found here, along with the accompanying videos and animations.  Alternatively, try the I See Maths daily lessons. As always, feel free to look at year groups if this maths is too tricky.


I have again sent each Brilliant Badger a challenge on TT Rockstars - it would be great if you could accept my challenge and see if you can beat me! Feel free to send me challenges as well, I will accept them throughout the week. smiley

Below are the White Rose files in case you would prefer to continue with those worksheets. The first file contains links to the videos for the week and then there are the daily worksheets and answer sheets below.



The focus for PE this week is on netball.  Click on the link below to find daily challenges and activities based around this theme which can easily be carried out at home.



Watch this video by Maddie Moate where she explains different ways that you could create a cardboard maze. My daughter had a go at this and found it lots of fun. Please make sure you ask an adult to supervise when you are cutting. When our maze is finished I will include some photos of it. I would love it if you sent photos of your maze if you have a go at this activity!



Here is a lesson all about the importance of teamwork that you might want to take a look at



Here is a food chain challenge about the Savannah which is fun and links to our Science for this term


Here is a link to another video by Maddie Moate, where she and Greg make a s'mores oven that uses the heat from the sun to cook! I haven't had a go at this one yet (definitely will do at some point though), so please send me any photos if you have a go at this!


Odd One Out