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Week 5

Week 5

This week we was ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’. To celebrate this we have:

  • Journaled our feelings each day at snack time. We talked about different emotions and how it is okay to feel each one of them. Lots of the children said they were tired(!) so we talked about making sure we are getting enough sleep and maybe having some early nights!
  • We drew our emotions on blank faces during choosing time.
  • Our book of the week was ‘For Every Child’ which is UNICEF’s the rights of the child in words and pictures. We discussed how we are all entitled to each of these rights - like having a home, the right to learn and grow and to be protected and kept safe. 
  • We read Ruby’s Worry and chatted about some worries we may have. We also talked about how to make a worry smaller by sharing it with someone. 
  • On Friday, we ‘Dressed to Express’ ourselves - we had lots of sparkles, superheroes, princesses, mermaids, footballers. It was great to see the children in so many different outfits!


We had a brilliant session with Shaun from the Active Sports Partnership on the Balance Bikes on Wednesday. We learnt to take big steps, weave in and out of cones and even how to glide! See the pictures below. Thank you Shaun (and Miss Shepherd for organising!)yes