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Week 1 (From 1/6/20): The World Theme

Week 1: The World Learning Project

Please read through activities on first listed document below which has been specifically planned                            for children in Year 1 and 2.

Then follow supporting web based links.

The C.Beebies Go Jetters links are excellent. There are presentations and TV content for all continents. 

This learning project was going to be our topic for the last Summer half term before the Covid outbreak. I therefore have lots of geography tasks for the Year 2 children however it will be challenging to fit these into just this week. I have decided to spread some content through the next few weeks to make it easier and this will help especially when there are Learning Projects coming up such as 'Space', which I think we may have already covered!

So bare with me, as I try to make the current learning system work for the Year 2 children.

This week, I intend for the Year 2 children to get a general overview of the World Continents and then focus on Europe.

In the following weeks, you will find a 'World' symbol with focused geographical tasks linked to other continents, following on from activities on this page.

Mrs Miller


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