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wc 10.10.22

Week 6


We’ve been busy week in the year 4 classroom this week!


In writing, we planned out our independent narratives by creating our own plot point map and included specific success criteria. We then looked at each individual plot point and considered what vocabulary we wanted to include, then having a go at writing some ‘showcase’ sentences. Dialogue was one of our success criteria’s, so we looked at some examples of inverted commas in writing and learnt how to punctuate these correctly. We discussed a ‘speech sandwich’ to help remember some of the rules! To finish the week, we worked super hard on putting everything together and wrote our continuation narrative – next week we’re going to learn about editing to make them even better!


In maths, we’ve really enjoyed learning about Roman numerals and sang along to a song to help us remember. I've included the song below if you want to practise at home! Everyone worked really well together to tackle problems and apply what we had learnt so enthusiastically! We also played a game called ‘The Thousands Game,’ which enabled us to recap our knowledge on place value up to 10,000. Some of the class went on to create their own version of the game.


In other lessons, we acted out the particles in solids, liquids and gases, worked on showing different rhythms in different parts of the body, improved our skills in rounders and designed a sarcophagus for a chosen pharaoh. We ended the week with a fantastic problem solving PE activity where we had to work in a team to cross a ‘river’ using only 4 spot – there was 8 children in each team and Miss Shepherd was really impressed with the perseverance and team spirit that everyone showed.


Well done Badgers!!

Roman Numerals

Spellings: Words ending in ‘-sure’