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w.c. 12.9.22

This week, we started our reading groups and it was lovely to be able to read together and for the Fantastic Foxes to be able to show off their knowledge of how they can tell that a word is a name (proper noun) because it has a capital letter. We have continued our maths learning this week by counting out numbers of objects from a larger group - which is the 'building blocks' of addition and subtraction. The Fantastic Foxes also learnt about how numbers look in both digits and letters, which is a tricky but important skill to master.


We have almost completed our self-portrait display - hopefully I can share a photograph of this next week! We started our Geography topic of 'Best of British' by discussed aerial photographs and maps, and the children did a wonderful job of creating an aerial map of our classroom and they devised their own simple key. They really used their observation skills to help them notice the different features to include. In RE, we started our unit of learning about Christians by discussing what we already know and looking at some pictures and symbols that are associated with Christianity. We worked so hard drawing what we could remember in our RE books for Mrs Robinson - she was very impressed by their brilliant listening skills!


It was lovely to see so many parents at the 'Meet the Teacher' meeting this week - thank you so much for coming! If you were unable to attend, or want to re-read any of the information included, please find the PowerPoint below that I used. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask me at home time, or drop me an email.

Please find below the Phonics that we have focused on this week. We are still consolidating the Phonics that was covered in Reception, to ensure that the children are confident in using this knowledge to read and spell.

This year, I will be encouraging the Fantastic Foxes to always try their best and to not be afraid to make mistakes. When we had our transition morning in the summer term, the children decorated a ‘donut’ so that it could be added to our ‘DONUT’ give up display!

As part of our Computing Digital Literacy, we discussed how to keep ourselves safe when using tablets/phones/computers, by using a story about Buddy the Dog. We practiced singing a song to help us to remember that we should ask a grown-up if we are ever unsure when using technology.

When discussing the next plot point of ‘On Sudden Hill’, where we see a new boy come to ask the friends if he can play, the Fantastic Foxes came up with wonderful ideas of how we could describe this new character:

In PE, we have continued improving our throwing and catching skills using balls and bean bags.

Hard at work on our classroom maps:

Independently creating a fox picture using problem solving skills, as there was no clues provided on how the pieces should go together!