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Week 7

Week 7

What a busy week to finish our first half-term at 'Big School'!



This week was a review week - we have recapped all the sounds we have learnt so far this half-term...

s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, l

We have done a bit more practice with some of the sounds we have found a bit trickier to pick up. These are:

g, u, h, n, d, b

We also practiced our 3 tricky words is, I and the

Other learning this week:

smiley We've written CVC words - by sounding the words out and copying the graphemes off a sound mat. 

smiley We learnt to jump safely off apparatus in PE with Rosie.

smiley We learnt all about the number 3 in maths - we looked at different ways to represent 3 on a 10 frame and played a game recognising 3 on dice. 
smileyWe explored old and new toys in our topic work. 

smiley We've enjoyed Halloween activities in the classroom (see the pictures) and using our fine motor skills to hammer tee's in to pumpkins and print pumpkin paintings 🎃

smiley We enjoyed looking at our friends pumpkins for our first ever PumpkinFest at school. All the pumpkins were amazing! Well done all. 


The Hedgehogs should be really proud of themselves for completing their first half-term at school. They've made some lovely new friends and learnt the rules and routines of school really well. 


I hope you all have a lovely, well deserved break! smiley