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Summer 2

Inventing a Seed

As part of our Science learning of reproduction in plants, we thought about how seeds are dispersed and used our imaginations to design our own seeds. Some seeds had hooks to attach to animals, some had ways of catching the wind and others would explode to spread the seeds.

Save the Rainforest

Did you know that every minute trees in an area of rainforest the size of 30 football pitches are destroyed? In 100 years time, there could be no rainforests left at all!

We made a pledge to find ways that we can help to save this destruction...

Short Division- The Bus Stop Method

We have been working really hard to learn how to do short division with the bus stop method. We worked together and taught each other- we really enjoyed writing on the tables!

Jane Goodall

We really enjoyed learning about the life of Jane Goodall. We carried out our own research and created these fabulous posters:

Sports Day

Sports Day was a little bit different this year but we had great fun competing with the Year 6 class. There aren't many photographs as it was a bit wet!

Clay Tiles

We have been really busy designing, making and decorating Amazon clay tiles. We are really proud of them! Can you tell what they are?

Planning a Trip to the Amazon

We have really enjoyed carrying out Internet research to plan our own trips to the Amazon. We looked for flights to either Manaus or Iquitos and investigated which UK airports fly there. We recorded the price, duration and whether there were any stopovers. We also looked for suitable accommodation and found a range of different places: budget hotels, luxury hotels, lodges, tree houses and river cruises. We then looked at activities that can be done during our stay and created our own itineraries. This was great fun and our trips sound AMAZING- if only we could go! #toofarforaschooltrip 

First Aid

We were shocked by the events of the Denmark v Finland game during Euro 2021 and discussed how the quick actions of the Danish captain (Simon Kjaer), referees and medical staff saved Christian Eriksen's life. We followed this up by having our own First Aid lesson. We watched St John's Ambulance's live lesson from 2014 and practiced how to do a primary survey and how to put someone into the recovery position. This is easily the most important lesson we could ever learn.

Henri Rousseau-Inspired Art

We enjoyed learning about the French artist Henri Rousseau and critiqued his painting 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm (Surprised!)'. We followed a YouTube video ( and recreated a painting of our own. We hope you like them!