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Spring 2

Spring 2

This has been a term in two parts. For the first two weeks, we continued in lockdown, some of us worked in school and some of us worked from home. In Week 3, we all returned to school. It was great to be able to see all of our friends again! This is what we've been up to...
Week 4
Week 3

Friday Challenge: Mentos and Coke

Today, we had a go at one of our favourite challenges... Mentos and Coke. Unfortunately, it didn’t work particularly well; we are unsure as to whether we shook the bottles up too much as we carried them out or whether we didn’t make a good enough tube for the Mentos to slide out of. We will return to this again in the summer to try again.

Mother’s Day Cards

Here’s a selection of our beautiful Mother’s Day cards. We hope all our families had a wonderful day.

The Blitz Artwork

We enjoyed learning about the Blitz and evacuation during World War 2 and created our own stunning artwork. Miss Pritchard decided they’d look lovely on our big display board.

World Book Day

For this year’s World Book Day, we enjoyed the BBC’s live lesson and thought about our favourite reading themes. Then, we watched an author interview with Katherine Rundell about her new book, Skysteppers, which she has written especially for World Book Day. It follows Rooftoppers which we’d love to read (Miss Pritchard says that it’s one of her favourites). After lunch, we had a go at an illustration workshop with Liz Pichon who wrote the Tom Gates series.
Week 2

Friday Challenge: Pie Face

This Friday, Years 5 and 6 battled against each other to answer some difficult questions. The closest to the answer got to choose who to try and pie: Mr Rodgers, Miss Pritchard or Miss Twigg.

Spitfire Sketching

We enjoyed sketching spitfires this week. We had a go at both freehand and by following a step by step tutorial from Shoo Rayner. Check out our amazing work...

Tricky Maths

This week, we learnt about how to find the area and perimeter of rectangles, composite/rectilinear shapes and irregular shapes. We had some really difficult problem solving questions- it was great fun talking about these altogether and using chalk pens on the table to draw out our ideas.

The Battle of Britain

We have enjoyed watching a BBC video, researching and reading about the Battle of Britain. We chose how to present our learning.

Week 1

Friday Challenge: Making Instant Ice Cream

We’ve had great fun today ,asking instant ice cream. Add flavoured milk to a bag and then put it inside another bag with ice and salt. Then shake, shake, shake for about 5 minutes.

Science- Making Rafts

With Miss Hickling, we have been learning about forces and, today, we went outside to collect materials for a raft building competition. We needed to build a raft that would float on water- testing the force of upthrust.