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w.c. 5.12.22

From now until we break up for Christmas, we won't be learning any new graphemes or phonemes (letters or sounds) in phonics, instead we will be focusing on consolidating learning from the last few months. It is important that your child is able to spot digraphs and split vowel digraphs independently in order to become a confident reader. With this in mind, please find below documents with learning from the last few weeks that you might wish to recap with your child. 

Please find below the spellings which will be tested on Friday 16th December. This week's spelling list is made up of compound words and words with unstressed vowels. 

In maths we have been working hard on addition and subtraction. We have been learning to use number lines to help us add 1 or 2 onto a starting number, and also how to subtract 1 or 2 from a starting number. Your child might enjoy playing the below game to help them feel more confident at calculating one more and one less. You could also try to add/subtract 1 or 2 onto starting numbers at home, using small items to count out and support calculating the answers.


Bee Hive Counting Game

We have been spending a lot of time this week rehearsing ready for our performance next week! I am so incredibly proud of how quickly the Fantastic Foxes have learnt the words to our songs and can't wait for them to be able to share this with you. If you haven't booked online for your tickets, please see the message that was sent out recently via ParentHub. Don't forget that on the big day (Wednesday 14th December) the Fantastic Foxes are invited to come into school in their Christmas jumper, along with bringing a hat/gloves into school (this should be named to help avoid them becoming mixed up).