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wc. 24th April 23

Week 2


This week, we began our Aladdin sentence stacking lessons and have practised using and punctuating direct speech in our writing. We also recapped the use of singluar and plural apostrophes and used the noticing lens to write setting descriptions of the inside of the cave.



Shaking with anxiety, Aladdin was scared but also excited to enter the cave.

Theo A

Cautiously, he sneaked towards the cave’s edge.


The cave was dull and damp, dank and dark. Aladdin dived into the hole like a race car on a racetrack.


Behind the magnificent fountain stood tall cypress trees. Beneath the blossoms was a beautiful dove and a couple of fireflies with their tummies glowing like stars.


Aladdin listened carefully. He heard a slow drop vibrating around the cave and saw a strange looking creature in the corner projecting its shadow.


He thought to himself, ‘Where am I?’


In Maths, we continued learning about decimals. We've built on our place value knowledge and have learnt about hundredths, and know how to divide 1- and 2-digit numbers by 10 and 100. 

We've begun our term's topic, the Romans, looking at when the Roman era occurred and where the Roman's came from. The children shared what they already know about Roman's, what they want to find out, and are really excited to learn lots on this topic!

In music, we've begun learning some of the music we will be playing at the Halle concert in June. I've put two of the songs we are learning in the music pieces page.

We also really enjoyed the assembly and workshop from Ben at  'Rock Steady.' The children were fantastic at listening and joining in, especially Miller who had a go on the keyboard when we all performed 'I love sausage rolls!'

Well done to Lily who was awarded the Learning Log Champion trophy for her efforts in the Spring 2 Learning Log. The new Tic Tac Toe homework sheets have now been handed out for this half term and so the children are able to make a start on these.  The work is due in on Monday 5th June.