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Week Commencing 11th May

I hope that everyone is keeping safe and enjoyed their bank holiday.  Did anyone have a socially distanced VE Day party?  It would be great to see some photos of these - send them into the home learning link on the website.

This week, I have included lots of new activities for you to try.  Remember, you don't need to carry out all of them - please do a few of these well rather than trying to do them all!

The cookery challenge this week is to make chocolate dipped flapjacks.  I have also included information about our new topic on The Peak District.  Can you start to research information about The Peak District?  This will continue over the next 3 weeks so you will have plenty of time to find out information about this subject.  There is another step-by-step drawing challenge this week, and a new PE activity task for each day.  There are also some new English and Maths tasks too.  Remember, if some of these tasks are too tricky, please take a look at some of the other year group tasks instead.


Have fun doing some of these tasks and don't forget to send in some of your photos which show what you have been doing.  It has been lovely to see some of the cooking, artwork and English and Maths tasks that some of you have been trying out at home.  Use the home learning link to send these in.  Enjoy and stay safe!

John Port Spencer Academy Transition Booklet


For those children who are transferring to John Port in September, please could you complete the 'All About Me' transition booklet below.  Once printed, have a think of what you will write about in each of the different boxes.  Then have a go at writing a draft version of your answers before writing your ideas up in neat.  The booklets can be dropped off at our school so I can then take them to John Port School myself.  Please could you try to complete these before the end of May and drop them into school office.  If you need a printed version of the booklet, these will be available at school.


The English tasks for this week can be found below.  I have included a grammar activity with 10 questions which can be completed each day.  These should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.  I have also included an answer sheet so you can look at once you have finished the task.  There is also a reading sheet based on the same idea - a piece of text to read with some questions related to it - again the reading and answering the questions should take no more than 10 minutes.  I have also included a story writing photo prompt.  This week it is based on the theme of sport - an athlete.  Read the opening to the story and then have a go at writing the rest.  Send your story into the home learning link to share with us all!

Writing - Story Writing Activity


This week for Maths, I have included links to the BBC Bitesize homelearning daily lessons.  All of the activities and worksheets needed can be found here, along with the accompanying videos and animations.  Alternatively, try the I See Maths dailyu lessons.  These are very practical and thought provoking, which really make the children think and have fun with their Maths.  I have also included a 'Maths Mystery Challenge' to solve, using different mathematical skills.  I am also including a weekly mathematical puzzle to solve.  Once this has been completed, send your answers into the homelearning link.


The focus for PE this week is on netball.  Click on the link below to find daily challenges and activities based around this theme which can easily be carried out at home.


This week, the task is to draw a dog.  I have included a step-by-step guide to drawing a Yorkie dog.  Can you take a photo of your artwork and send it to the homelearning link?

Art - Step-By-Step Drawing Of A Dog

Design Technology

The cookery challenge for this week is to make chocolate dipped flapjacks.  Click on the link below for the recipe.

DT - Chocolate Dipped Flapjack Recipe


Our topic this half term is about The Peak District.  As an ongoing task, I would like you research information about The Peak District.  You may want to use the following subheadings to base your research on, but feel free to include your own ideas too:

The location; history; famous places in The Peak District; traditions; tourism; everyday life; maps; famous views and photos; the future of The Peak District.  Using these headings, or some of your own, can you create a powerpoint presentation or a large poster to show the importance of this area?  This project will continue for the next three weeks, so there is lots of time to create a final piece of work.  Once the work is completed, upload this to the homelearning link to share it with others.