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Week 3


This week we have learnt 4 new sounds…

i, n, m, d


We have thought about lots of things that begin with all these sounds as well as practicing last weeks sounds too. You can test us at home on our new sounds - maybe you could play an i-spy game using these sounds at home. 



In maths this week we have been thinking about matching pairs and sorting into categories. We started by playing a game where we had to match the pairs of aliens and learnt that in a pair there is always 2! Mrs Braddock set up lots of matching pair activities - we had to match the pairs of socks, match the pairs of dinosaurs and design a pair of matching socks too. We then went on to sorting things into categories - we thought about sorting things by colour first and then thought about different categories such as how many wheels, shape etc.  



In literacy we started our story Perfectly Norman by Tom Percival. We enjoyed looking at the front cover and shared the first few pages. In the story, Norman suddenly grows a pair of wings - we used the noticing lens to come up with words to describe the wings. Some of the words we came up with were beautiful, big, colourful, feathery. We then met Grandma Fantastic who came with lots of other noticing words to help us describe the wings! We enjoyed saying these words together. Then we worked as a team to create our own wings like Norman, using lots of different collage materials.