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wc. 13th March 23

Week 3


This week, we finished our sentence stacking on ‘The Iron Man’ and have worked hard to plan our independent write.



Creeping carefully into the sea, the Iron Man wanted to find out more.


The waves carried him forward: huge, swelling, crashing.


He noticed fish leaping in front of him: colourful, shiny, flapping.


His body was covered in seaweed: slimy, stringy, clingy.


As his head was pulled under, he was hypnotised by the amazing movements of the bright fish. He admired the colourful collections of coral and…


… glowing bubbles floating together to the top of the sea.

The Iron Man thought no one could see him. The Iron Man thought he was alone. The Iron Man was wrong. There was a boy who had seen everything.

Hogarth couldn’t stop thinking about the Iron Man.


Where did he come from?

Theo A

What will he do?


Is this all a dream?


Despite being inquisitive and intrigued, Hogarth was also wary about what he had seen. However, he still wanted to find out more.


Sneaking silently into the night, he knew had to discover more.


We then used a clip from the film ‘The Iron Giant’ to plan the next 3 plot points and continued the next 2/3 plot points with our own ideas. We’ve worked hard to create some ‘showcase sentences’ so that we can use these in our story continuation next week.


In Maths, we’ve continued working hard on fractions and times tables. We’ve learnt how to convert mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa. We also had a great lesson creating times table artwork and some children enjoyed competing against each other in a game of ‘Array Capture.’


As part of Science week, we enjoyed reading and discussing the book ‘Not All Scientists Wear Lab Coats’ and in whole class reading we learnt about the scientist, Sau Lan Wu. We continued our science focus on sound and had great fun making string telephones whilst learning about how sound travels.


In our e-safety lesson we learnt about search engines and how to use them effectively. In music we learnt more about notation in simple forms and had great fun singing the song 'Sugar' whilst tapping and passing drumsticks around a circle.