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wc. 5th June 23

Week 1


This week, we started our new writing focus - newspaper reports. We watched the short film 'The Creature' about the impact of plastic pollution on marine wildlife. We then explored an example of a newpaper report and identified the shape to help us in our sentence stacking lessons. We also focused on newspaper reports in our reading lessons, particularly looking at vocabulary.

In maths, we began looking at time and practised our times tables in preparation for the Mutiplication Tables Checks that we will complete next week. The children have been working so hard to improve their recall and fluency which is vital in their future maths learning. 

In Science, we completed our learning on animals including humans by learning about food chains. The children learnt how to identify the producer, predator and prey in a food chain and constructed their own food chains.

The children also enjoyed sharing their hard work in their Learning Logs from Summer Term 1 - a big well done to Isla for being our Year 4 Learning Log Champion!