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w.c. 10.10.22

Just a quick reminder that phonic reading books will be changed on Fridays and reading for pleasure library books will be changed on a Monday. If they could be in school bags on these days then this will assist us with being able to change books over (please feel free to leave them in all the time to make things easier).

This week we have been consolidating our learning, as introducing the alternative Phase 5 graphemes can make things trickier to remember and use when reading. Please find below a document showing the sounds, words and tricky words that we have focused on so that you can support with this at home. Any additional practise would be of great benefit to your child. 

This week's spellings all have the digraph 'ar' in them. Please find them below and they are also available on Spelling Shed to practise. Please let me know if you have any issues accessing the spellings.












If any of the Fantastic Foxes write their spellings by hand and want to bring it to show me, I will give them a house point for working so hard on their spellings! I will also add on house points for children practising regularly on Spelling Shed.


In English, we have started to write a bonfire night inspired poem using our senses. It was so exciting watching some videos of fireworks displays and talking about the Fantastic Foxes' memories of visiting bonfire night events. It made us very hungry talking about all the food we would be able to smell and taste! The Fantastic Foxes have been trying so hard to improve their presentation and letter formation.

In Maths, we started our next unit of learning about 'Addition and Subtraction'. This has involved discovering about the 'parts and whole' and the 'part whole model'. For example, 3 is a part, 4 is a part and the whole is 7. The Fantastic Foxes had so much fun using hoops and bean bags to help them understand this new concept. 


Could your Fantastic Fox work out what the parts could be if the whole is 8? They could use conkers, lego bricks or anything else you have to hand to help them work out the answers. Please send me photographs to if you have a go at this at home, or if they write it down they could bring it to school to show me. 

In Science, we discussed the changes that happen during autumn and how an oak tree changes throughout the year as we move through the seasons. We were going to go outside to then complete an art activity - but the British weather had other ideas! The Fantastic Foxes were so sensible when we then had to quickly change plans and completed work in their Science books instead. They drew beautiful autumn tree pictures and were so determined when writing independently as a whole class, with only a little support from adults. They really are Fantastic Foxes!


In Geography, we continued practising our song to help us remember the countries and capital cities of the UK and then learnt about the seas and oceans surrounding the United Kingdom. They were great detectives and helped me match the names to where they belonged on our map.

In RE, we have been learning about ‘The Good Samaritan.’

We have listened to and discussed the story, before having great fun acting it out. 
This afternoon, we sequenced the story using sentences and photographs from our drama activity. 
See if your child can re-tell you the story, using the pictures below.