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Week 6 (From 6/7/20): Animals

Don't forget your child's school report will be available from Friday 10th July and could you please drop off all school reading books, so that we can check them all back into our library before September. 

Hello all my Marvellous, Mighty Mice,

I am very excited about 'Animal Week' this week, as I have found some great art and craft tasks and lots of factual information for you. This week, also gives us a great excuse to watch some more Deadly 60 and Our Planet! I know that lots of you love animals and know all sorts of weird and wonderful facts so let me know what you get up to. You could even send me some pictures and information about the pets you have at home.

I have been busy this week finishing something special I have for you all, which you will get to see soon!.

Remember, I'm still thinking of you all so make sure you are being helpful and kind at home, and we will all be back together again soon.

smileyMrs Millersmiley