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Week Commencing 15th June

Week Commencing 15th June 2020


Hi everyone!


I hope that you are all keeping safe and well.


A couple of weeks ago, I sent out information about the filming a clip for the Year 6 leavers' 'Amarillo' video.  I hope that you now have some ideas about what you are going to do.  Hopefully, at some point this week, see if you can have a go at filming these and then send them into school by using the Parent Contact link.  Don't forget to film these in landscape mode using a mobile phone or tablet if possible please.


The learning topic for this week is called 'Significant People'.  There are many thousands of people who have made significant impacts on our lives.  These may be famous, such as the Queen, Nelson Mandela or Florence Nightingale; sports people such as Beckie Downie; Mo Farah or Brian Clough; or someone who may be personally significant to you and your family.  There are lots of exciting and interesting ideas that you could carry out this week with the topic work based on these people or you could think of your own ideas or people instead.


For Maths and English, if you are going to John Port, have a go at finishing the transition booklets first.  Please don't worry if you get stuck and find some of these to be tricky.  If this is the case, move onto the BBC Bitesize Daily lessons for English and Maths instead.  Make sure that you try to play both Spelling Shed and TTRockstars this week too - I shall have a look out for anyone who increases their score!  I have also included one of the popular Maths Mystery Problems again.


Remember to share any work that you have carried out this week using the Parent Contact email link on the website.  I will always send a reply to you, hopefully within 24 hours of receiving your message.


I have again included a timetable which you may want to use to help you to organise your time at home during the week.  Feel free to use this if you find it helpful.  Please don't worry if there are days when this timetable doesn't go to plan though - this is quite normal!


Stay safe everyone and I look forward to receiving your 'Amarillo' videos soon.


Take care,


Mr Rodgers

Example Weekly Timetables To Use For This Week


This week, there are two different units to work through from the transition project: - ‘Making The Change’ and ‘Lost But Not Lost’.  Read through each presentation and make notes using the workbook which can be found on the home learningpage from Week Commencing 1st June.



This week, the focus for English is poetry.


Monday: - Analysing and performing poems

Tuesday: - Assonance, onomatopoeia and alliteration in poetry

Wednesday: - Writing limericks and clerihews

Thursday: - Writing free verse and narrative poetry

Friday: - Reading lesson: - The Parent Agency by David Baddiel


All of the links to the English lessons can be found on the BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson Site.


The reading comprehension for this week is called ‘Grandmother’.  The link to this, along with the answers’ can be found below.  I have also added a football related comprehension about the FA Cup which you could also have a go at doing.



This week’s spellings (week 29) focus on the suffixes of -er, -or and -ar.  The spelling list and resources can be found on the link below and games can be played on the Spelling Shed website using the website link below.



The focus for the maths work this week continues to be algebra and measures.  The links to all of the lessons can be found through the BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons link below.  I have also included links to the accompanying worksheets which are needed.


Monday: - Forming and solving two-step equations

Tuesday: - Using substitution to find out possible values of a pair of variables

Wednesday: - Converting metric measures

Thursday: - Convert between miles and kilometres

Friday: - Challenge of the week


Alternatively, have a go at the I See Maths daily lessons to develop your reasoning and problem solving skills.


Maths Mystery of the week

The Maths Mystery this week is called ‘The Mystery of the Guilty Gameshow Gangster’.  Solve the clues to see if you can work out who the guilty person is!



Can you increase your speed and status on TTRockstars?  Can you arrange to have an ‘Arena’ battle with someone from our class?  The current fastest ‘Rock Hero’ is Jessicka Strummer’ who has a studio speed of 0.83 seconds.  Can you beat this score in the ‘Studio’ game?



Learning Project


This week the Learning Project is titled: Famous and Significant People.

The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about famous or significant people. Learning may focus on past or present inventors, explorers or scientists and how they influence society today.


Activities for you to choose from throughout the week:


Famous Brits

Lots of significant people in history have been British. Here are just a few:

Emmeline Pankhurst -  

Guy Fawkes –

Mary Anning –

Ask your child to research one of these or another famous Brit of their choice. They could create a fact file, a presentation, a chronological report of their life or present their research in any way they like.


The Queen’s Speech

The Queen spoke to the nation on Sunday 5th April from Windsor Castle - She had an important speech to deliver where she wanted to thank people for what they were doing and to give hope that things would eventually return to normal. Ask your child to think about what they would say if they had to speak to the nation? What messages of hope would they want to give to their friends and family? Your child could write their speech or record themselves delivering their speech. Remember to tweet a video of their speech using #TheLearningProjects.


Inspiration for Inventors

These inventors talk about where they found the inspiration for their inventions -  Ask your child what problems they incur in their daily life? What inventions would make their life easier? How could they turn their idea into a product?

Direct your child to mind map ideas of how they could solve their problem before designing and annotating a product. Your child may even want to make a prototype or test parts of their design to see if it would work.


Significant to Me

Discuss with your child a person who is significant to them. This could be a famous person who has inspired them or someone who has made a positive impact on them from their everyday life. Ask them to discuss the attributes that this person has - why are they inspiring? You could share someone who is significant to you with your child as well and talk about how they have influenced you. They may wish to draw a portrait of this person.


What it Takes

Ask your child to watch this interview with Paralympic gold medallist Helena Lucas.

In this interview it talks about the dedication needed to be a successful sportsperson. Direct your child to set themselves a goal to work on every day. They could create a poster outlining their goal and the steps they will take each day to work towards it. They may want to include steps they will take when they return to school. 



STEM Learning Opportunities #sciencefromhome

Sophia Barnacle

Sophia was a British inventor who invented the Helter-skelter in 1907.  Try using junk box material to make your own helter-skelter or marble run.

  Try and make a run that takes exactly 60 seconds for the marble to complete the run.

  To find out more about building your own marble run click here -



I’m sure some of you are still joining The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, in a morning at 9.00am.

Remember to take advantage of the lovely weather and go for bike rides and / or walks.

There’s an exercise activity based on Famous and Significant People – check it out on this week’s Learning Project.

Or you may want to have a go at these Basketball skills.

Or try these gymnastics activities