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Week Commencing 13th July

Hi everyone,


Well, here we are, the last week of our primary school journey.  I never thought that I would be sitting here typing a message to you for the website rather than chatting in person as part of the whole Year 6 class.  It has been a very strange year and a little different to normal, but we would still like to celebrate with you to mark the end of your primary school journey.


Therefore, there are only four days worth of lessons for this week.  On Friday, you are all invited to the Year 6 leavers’ day at school.  The times for this will be from 9:15 until about 3pm.  The day will include a socially distanced picnic (within bubbles though) where we will have pizza and ice cream.  We have already had some ideas given to us of some different activities that you would like to do on your last day.  Remember that it is your last day so we'd like you to contact us about some of the activities/games/fun that you would like to do on your last day.  If it is dry, then we will definitely be spending most of the day outside so have a think about what you'd like to do.


We will be able to do shirt signing during the day.  A letter has gone out to parents about how we can safely manage this.  Also, we will be showing the premier of the 2020 Leavers' Video.  We are hoping to do a class photograph too.  This will have to be one where we are socially distanced, but I'm sure we can manage this though.


Please send ideas of activities and games you'd like to play to the parent contact email on the home learning page and we will try to sort these -the more fun, the better!!!


Don't forget to reply to the letter about whether you will be attending on Friday though - we do need to know numbers for ordering the pizza.  Also, a parent needs to send in an email address which can be used for them to access the Leavers' Video and Lea Green Photos.


I'm really looking forward to seeing you all on Friday on what I know will be a really fun and memorable day.


Take care,


Mr Rodgers


This is the final transition unit of work before moving up to secondary school.  The focus for this week is about ‘Living Well’.  It discusses ways in which you can support yourself both physically and mentally when at secondary school, such as sleeping well and ways in which you can be kind to others.  I hope that you have found these units to be useful during the last months of your primary school lives.


As part of the Year 6 Leavers' day, we will be talking about our favourite memories and funniest moments which we have had at Willington Primary School and looking forward to what we are looking forward to at secondary school and in our future lives.  Can you fill in the sheet below called 'Year 6 Leavers' Day - Memories' and think about what your favourite memories of school have been over the past 7 years.


The final topic for English is that of myths and legends.  These are historic tales which explain reasons for natural occurrances or stories which relate to historical events.  The work for these can be found on the BBC Bitesize Home Learning website.


Monday: - Reading and using texts

Tuesday: - Analysing myths

Wednesday: - Exploring legends

Thursday: - Writing a legend


I have added three comprehensions to have a go at this week.  The first is about the history of football and rugby.  The second is a fictional newspaper report about a new chocolate bar.  The third is a science experiment which involves melting different chocolate.  I thought that this would be quite fun to do as, once you have completed this, you could have a go at the experiment yourself.  You will need an adult to help you as you will need to melt different chocolate samples over hot water.  However, it would be a shame not to taste these once they had all been melted!!!blush  Let us know how you get on with this once you have done it.  (Don't eat too much of the chocolate so that you are too ill to come to the Leavers' Day on Friday though!)


The spellings for this week are based around the theme of 'Adjectives to describe characters'.  The list of the spellings can be found below in the resources, whilst the games can be found on Spelling Shed, following the 'More Lists', 'Assignments' 'Week 33 spellings'.



This week in Maths, the topic is shape and statistics.  The work for this week once again can be found on the BBC Bitesize Home Learning website and the worksheets for these lessons can be found below. 


Monday: - Nets of 3D shapes

Tuesday: - Parts of a circle

Wednesday: - Exploring legends

Thursday: - Solving problems involving calculating the mean as an average


Please note that due to the Year 6 Leavers' day being on Friday, I have only set work for the first 4 days of the week.




This week the Learning Project is titled: My Family.


The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to gain a better

understanding of their own family. Learning may focus on what different makeup of families, what traditions your family has, stories linked to your family etc.


Activities for you to choose from throughout the week:


Music from the Past


Your child can research music from the decade their parents, grandparents or other older family members were born. What were the most popular bands or singers during this time? Ask them to perform a song from this decade and create their very own dance routine. Encourage them to explain how they need to improve their performance to achieve their personal best.



Portraits and Photography


Direct your child to take portrait photographs of their family members considering light and textures. Following this, they can then use the photographs to draw portraits in pen considering light and tone.





Ask your child to design a classification key based on the simple physical features of their family. They can then test out the keys on each member of their family. Only use ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions.



Nature vs Nurture


Speak to your child about their appearance, their personality, and their dreams for the future. How much of this do they believe is determined by their genes? How much of this is determined by their family/upbringing? Ask them to decide which traits are due to nature and which traits are due to nurture e.g. hobbies and interests or sense of humour. Try this out on other family members.



Mapping Skills


Identify the countries or cities within the UK where their family members originate from or live. Children can then plot these on a map and then create a bar chart to show the number of family members who live/lived in each city/country.





Lessons from DCCT – Derby County Community Trust


These lessons will provide simple to follow PE activities to enjoy together to enable children to continue to develop their skills. You don’t need to be in PE kit or have lots of equipment as we’ve adapted the activities.


Decision Making -


Problem Solving -


Problem Solving 2 -



Also, try these rugby activities...