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w.c. 19.9.22

Please find below the Phonics that we have focused on this week. We are still consolidating the Phonics that was covered in Reception, to ensure that the children are confident in using this knowledge to read and spell.

This weeks spellings focus on spelling words ending with ‘ff’, ‘ll’, ‘ss’, ‘zz’ and ‘ck’. Please find them below and they are also available on Spelling Shed to practise, they should show as an ‘assignment’. Going on ‘Stage 1 & 2’ on Spelling Shed will allow you to practise spellings for Years 1 and 2.

This weeks spellings:











Please find below the Year 1 Common Exception Words that we will be focusing on throughout the year. By the end of Year 1 children should be able to read and spell these words. 

In Maths this week, we have been counting one more, counting backwards within 10 and also thinking about one less. We have used counters to help us visualise the value of numbers and have been working hard to learn how to count in 2s. Counting forwards and backwards within 10 at home would really help us to feel confident.

The Fantastic Foxes continued their Geography learning by thinking about the landmarks of Willington. We had great fun using Google Maps to explore Willington and name the places that the children recognised, before selecting two places and writing about them.

We continued our writing based around ‘On Sudden Hill’ and thought about how Birt was feeling now his best friend was playing with someone else. The Fantastic Foxes impressed me again with their vocabulary for the negative feelings Birt might be having - we also asked Fantastic Fox ‘What’s in your box?’ to help us build our vocabulary bank.

In Music, we continued learning to sing 'Hey, You!' and we also had our first lesson with the glockenspiels. We had so much fun and we were so sensible when using the instruments. 

The Fantastic Foxes love having an active brain break to help keep our focus. We have started learning how to count in 2s using a fun video to dance and sing along to. Practising counting in 2s at home will really aid in learning the starting point of times tables knowledge.