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Year 6

Welcome To The Year 6 Dynamic Deers' Page

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The Circulatory System


As part of our Science work, the pupils in Year 6 have been learning about the circulatory system.  We started by 'lokking inside' each of our bodies using the Virtuali-Tee app by Curiscope.  Some of the children wore a special t-shirt which, when the iPad was pointed towards it, let the rest of the class view inside 'their' body using augmented reality.


We then researched information about our bodies using video, the app and the internet.  Using this research, we were able to create our own double-page spreads about how the circulatory system works.  Here are some of the ones which we produced.  We hope that you like them.

The Circulatory System Double-Page Spreads

Long Division


In Maths today, we have been learning to carry out long division.  Whilst we know that short division is an efficient method of dividing by smaller numbers, long division is useufl to use when dividing by much larger numbers and when there is no calculator available.  At the start of the lesson, most of us were unsure how to use this method and found it confusing.  However by the end of the lesson, we all found it a really fun method and understaood the process.

Long Division

Long Division 1

A Visit From Dr Cat Jarman

A Visit From Dr Cat Jarman


As part of our topic work about The Vikings, we have been studying their invasion on Repton in 873AD.  We were very lucky to have Dr Cat Jarman come to talk to us about the research which she has carried out on the Repton Warrior, the Great Heathen Army and the mass burial ground which can be found in the village.  Dr Jarman has appeared on many television programmes, working alongside other historians including Dan Snow, and is based at the University of Bristol where she gives lectures and carries out scientific research about the events from this era.

The children had a fantastic time, particularly when they got to examine 'real' Viking artefacts, including sets of game pieces from over 1000 years ago.  They also enjoyed handling a replica Viking Thor's hammer, but particularly enjoyed handling the replica Viking sword!

The Dr Cat was really impressed with the knowledge which the children shared with her about Repton during the Viking era, and look forward to hearing more about the research which she is due to carry out over the coming months.