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Week Commencing 27th April

Year 6 Home Learning For Week Commencing 27th April 2020


I hope that everyone is still keeping safe and have been doing lots of outdoor learning in the sunshine which we have been having!  Besides the English and Maths work this week, I have included two Design Technology challenges (an egg-drop challenge and a baking challenge involving chocolate) which should be really fun to do with the whole family and some PE ideas linked to basketball.


Below you will find a selection of work which the children are able to have a go at during the following week.  Please note that there is no expectation to complete all of the work, or on certain days.  Whilst it is important to encourage the children to do a variety of the work below, it is also important that they take part in family games and spend quality family time together.


I have included work from a range of subjects and this will be updated weekly.  If the children wish, they can take photos of their work and send them into school through the home school learning link on the previous page - it would be lovely to see how the  children have been getting on.  If you are struggling with anything, then you can always access activities from other class pages. For example, we would rather you completed Year 5 maths tasks than struggle with Year 6 tasks. Home learning is new to us all and it's about keeping busy, not struggling with anything!


I have included the National Trust garden activity page and the cross-curricular ideas sheet from before the holidays as these still provide lots of fun ideas for the children to do.  These can be found on the previous page.


On the previous page are links to the BBC Bitesize website for the daily Year 6 lessons.  These provide both short video lessons and activities for different subjects.


Also on the previous page are the links to Spelling Shed and Times Table Rock Stars.  Each week, the children will have a new set of spellings which they can learn - use the assignment link when playing their games.  The children can also set up challenges between each other on Times Table Rock Stars - use the Rockslam tab at the top of the page.


Note: - Next week, there will be another inter-school battle on TTRockstars.  Get practising this week so we can win the trophy back for our school!!!



For English this week, I have once again included 2 different comprehensions - similar to those which we have recently done for homework and to those last week.  They can be downloaded below (note that the answers are also included at the end of each document!)  One is about the famous Maradona goal in the football world cup and the other is based on a dog called Gelert, a historic story from a North Wales village.


There is also a story writing starter based on the words 'Thank You'.  Can you write a story about a person who receives these words in a letter?  What might have happened for someone to write this?  The story starter has been given.  Your task is to continue the story, writing the middle and ending to it.  It would be lovely to see some of your stories.  These can be sent to us through the home school learning link on the previous web page.


A new set of spellings can be found on the Spelling Shed link at the bottom of the page too.  Click on the Spelling Shed link, then click on 'More lists' then 'Assignments'.  Don't forget to keep reading at home too.  Use your VIPERS bookmarks to discuss your texts at home.  Can you recommend any books to others?  Use the home learning school website link to do this.



In Year 6, the children use WhiteRose Maths as the basis for their mathematical learning.  The link to the website below will take you to their Year 6 webpage.  The focus for this week is angles in different shapes.  Each Friday, there is a problem solving challenge to complete.  See if you can solve the puzzle and send in your answers through the home learning link to school.  Alternatively, the children can use the 'I See Maths' link below.  Each day, there will be a high quality video which the children can follow and will really help them to question and solve problems about a variety of mathematical understanding.  There is no expectation to carry out all of the tasks for the week, so feel free to dip into either resource as you feel fit.  From the work which the children have done in class, they should be able to carry out these tasks, whilst further developing their mathematical understanding.

Design Technology


This week, I have included an eggs-cellent challenge for you to complete.  For Design Technology this week, I would like you to design and make some packaging which will protect an egg from smashing when it is dropped from a height.  Download the sheet below which explains all of the instructions to carry out the challenge.  Even though you may have a cracking idea, it is really important that you surround your packaging which you design in a clear plastic bag so, if the egg does smash, it doesn't make a mess on the floor!  Good luck with this and have fun!  It would be great to see some of your ideas and solutions to the challenge.  Can you send a photo of you finished package to school through the home school learning link?


I have also included a recipe for 'Beetroot and Chocolate Brownies'.  With only a small amount of plain flour needed (there seems to be a shortage of this at the moment!) these will be ideal to make to fill those hungry tummies after completing some of the other tasks and challenges from this page.  Make sure that you have an adult with you when you carry out the cooking though.  Can you take a picture of the finished brownies and send this to the online learning link?  Also, could you write out a more simplified recipe to make these using the one given on the weblink below as a guide?



For PE this week, I have put some basketball skills and game training.  See if you can carry out one of the challenges below, or make your own game up in the back garden using the ideas below.