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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Welcome to the Year 6 page of our website.  We are the 'Dynamic Deers' and on this page, you will be able to find out information about the different things which our class are learning throughout the year.

2018-2019 Year 6 Curriculum Overview

The Year 6 Leavers' Assembly


The Year 6 children are very excited to be entering their last week in primary school.  They will be performing their much-awaited leavers' assembly on Wednesday 17th July, starting at 2.30pm prompt.  Everyone is welcome.  Remember to bring your tissues with you!

Coding Crumbles

Coding Crumbles


In the afternoon of SATs week, we have been designing our own fairground rides which move using motors and also have flashing lights.  To make these work, as part of our computing work, we have been coding Crumble electronic devices.  These are little electronic kits which are coded using the block coding which is found on software like Scratch.  We really enjoyed working out how to make everything work and debugging the software when we found that the hardware did not work.  Here are some of our pieces of work.

Year 6 Revision


Over the past year, we have worked really hard and are now just about ready for our SATs next week.  As part of our revision, we have been creating our own graffiti mats based on our mathematical and grammatical knowledge.  We all really enjoyed creating them.  Here are our pieces of artwork.

Maths Reasoning With Venn Diagrams


As part of our Maths revision, we have been looking at venn diagrams and using these to reason about number and shape.  We had to prove which numbers or shapes would be able to be placed into different sectors of the venn diagram and then prove whetehr we were correct to our partner.  We all really enjoyed the lesson, especially trying to argue with our partner about our thoughts about our ideas!

International Pi Day


Thursday March 14th (3.14) marked International Pi Day - a celebration of the mathematical symbol 'Pi'.  As a way to celebrate this day, the Year 6 children learned about the properties of circles - radius, diameter and circumference.  They also learned how to create circles using a pair of compasses.  Once the circles had been created, the children created accurate hexagons and then drew arcs to produce an optical illusion of whirls within the hexagon.  Once the children had created these illusions, they then transfered these ideas to make swirly squares.  Here are some of our results.

Journalistic Writing

This week, we have begun to write our own newspaper reports based on an animation called 'The Lighthouse'.  We have been lucky enough to work with the editor of one of the Stoke-On-Trent newspapers during our lessons who came into our class to show us how a real newspaper is created.  We discussed how the reports are written and then checked by an editor, and how the headlines are created.  We really enjoyed this lesson and now aim to use these skills over the next week when we write our final versions of our own newspaper reports.

Our Current Writing Topic - Based on the text 'A Monster Calls' by Patrick Ness.


Our class have been working hard to write narratives using the first chapter of 'A Monster Calls' as a basis for our stories.  We thought about different features which would be used in a horror story and the effects which we would want to have on the reader.  We created our own sentences based on these effects over a series of lessons, using these to build up our own story when we carried out independent writing.  Here are a selection of our stories.  We hope that you like them, but please don't have nightmares!

Year 6 Cookery with Willington WI


Every Monday afternoon for the next three weeks, the Year 6 pupils will be working with members of the local WI to participate in cookery lessons.  The children will be making homemade ragu sauce.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the WI for working with the children with this activity.

Year 6 Writing

Inspired by

Michael Mopurgo's

Kensuke's Kingdom


A part of our Literacy this term, we have been reading extracts from the book called 'Kensuke's Kingdom'.  We wrote our own pieces of writing based on this text, thinking carefully about the description and inference which we used.  Here are some extracts from our work.

Kensuke's Kingdom Year 6 Writing Extracts

Derby County Players Visit Year 6

20th November 2018


This afternoon, two Derby County players visited the Year 6 pupils along with their regular DCFC Community Trust staff to teach a PSHE unit on 'Detirmination'.  The children were all really excited to meet Florian Jozefzoon and Kelle Roos, who talked about how detirmination and perseverance have been important in their lives and their careers.  The children got to ask questions about their jobs and had photographs and an autograph session with the two players too.  Certainly a day to remember!




Year 6 Residential


Day Three


After a fun game of ‘Smuggler’s Run’ last night, the children were generally worn out and slept well.


This morning, they will pack their bags ready for their last day away from home. After breakfast, the children will be split into three groups where they will rotate around 3 different activities: orienteering, buggies and caving.


The children will then have lunch before taking part in their last activity of bushcraft. Everyone is really looking forward to building shelters out of woodland materials before toasting marshmallows around an open fire.


The children have all had a fantastic time and have learned lots of new skills. They are looking forward to telling their families about these once they arrive back to school by around 5.15pm.


Day Two


Today has been epic!


After a fab breakfast of bacon, beans, hash browns, cereal and juice, we were split into two groups for our activities.


Mr Rodgers took his group onto the high ropes in the morning whilst Mrs Powell took her children to do the stream walk.  After lunch, the children in each group swapped activity.


On the high ropes, the children excelled themselves with climbing higher than they first thought, challenging themselves to get towards the top of the totem pole and to ring the bell of the Gladiator Challenge.


Meanwhile at the stream, the children (and staff) thoroughly embraced getting very wet indeed! With wellie boots full of stream water, they scrambled up boulders, crawled through ‘beaver dams’ before finally taking part in the head dunk challenge! The children laughed about the experience all the way back to the centre, before having a hot shower and a play in the soft play.


The children are now looking forward to taking part in Smuggler’s Run later this evening, before hopefully a good sleep tonight!


Day 1


After a safe arrival at the centre, the children were welcomed by Jenny, one of the leaders. The class then took part in a treasure hunt around the grounds where they had to investigate the building and the fields. This was followed by a lesson in bed making, after which the children all got to put this new skill into practice. The children did really well with this and are all looking forward to making their own beds regularly once they return home!


After eating their packed lunch, the children all went out in the rain and thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the low rope challenges and obstacle course. This was one of the favourite parts of the day, especially when all the children climbed over the high cargo net and threw themselves through the tyre slalom!


After an hour of soft play fun, it was time for tea. A fabulous roast dinner followed by cheesecake.


The evening activity last night was a two mile night walk around the local area. The children were able to navigate using maps and enjoyed the challenge of being in the dark and trying to get back to base. We all managed to get back to the centre safely for hot chocolate and a biscuit.


After a tiring first day, the children went to bed and after the initial excitement of being away from home, a quiet night was had by all. All the children (and staff) are now looking forward to the challenges of day two!

Useful Websites For Year 6 Pupils and Parents

The Circulatory System


As part of our Science topic, we have started to learn about the circulatory system.  We learnt about the key features and technical terms used in the system and how the blood moves around the body.  We then used an app on the iPad called Virtuali-tee which enabled us to 'look inside' our own bodies virtually to see what our own circulatory systems would look like.  We all thought that this was amazing!  Here are some photos of our 'virtual' bodies:

The circulatory system



This week, we have been taking part in our bike-ability sessions.  We have learned how to maintain our bike and make sure it is safe.  We also learned how to ride safely on the roads, carry out shoulder checks, u-turns, hand signals and emergency stops.  We now know the importance of staying safe on our bikes and wearing a helmet when we ride around the village.  We all had lots of fun too!

Autumn Term 1


In Year 6 during the first half of the Autumn Term, our topic will be 'The Vikings'.  We will be learning about what the Vikings were actually like and about some of their beliefs too.  Throughout the term, we will be reading our class book 'Viking Boy' written by Tony Bradman.  We will be using this book to gain an idea about what everyday life would have been like for a young Viking, and will base a lot of our writing work in Literacy around this book too.


In Maths, we will be learning about place value and calculations, extending our current understanding and solving problems based on these concepts.  We will be carrying out daily arithmetic challenges to develop our calculation and number skills, and will regularly carry out our multiplication and CLIC challenges.  Will you be able to beat your personal score?


In Science, we will be learning about how our body works, including investigating the circulatory system.


We will also be creating some whole class 'Big Art' based on our Year 6 class animal, the dynamic deer.  This will be displayed in the hall later in the term.


Swimming will also continue during the first half term.  For our second PE session, we will be carrying out activities based around the 'Outdoor and Adventurous Activity' theme.  This will culminate in our much anticipated residential trip towards the end of half term.  More details of this to follow.