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Year 1

Welcome to the home of the Fantastic Foxes!

Welcome to Year 1, the home of the Fantastic Foxes. This page is where you can view all of the wonderful things we have been up to and find any useful documents, activities and letters.

Meet Freddie Fox. He is our class pet and is looking forward to coming home each weekend with our 'Star of the Week'!

Spring Term

Why was the Great Fire of London so Great?

🐣🐥🐤 Chicks 🐤🐥🐣

We LOVED watching our chicks hatch!!


Still image for this video

🚲 Early Racers 🚲

We had great fun learning to ride the balance bikes!

✏️🏊🏽‍♂️ Traction Man 🏋🏼 🖊

We have finished writing our 4 plot point version of Traction Man (by Mini Grey). We have been AMAZED at how much our writing has improved since September!,

🧮 Number Fun 🔢

With Mr Hill, we have been thinking about teen numbers and representing them in different ways.


In Science, we have been thinking about different materials and their properties. We went on a hunt around the classroom.

🖼 Self Portraits 🎨 

We have been drawing and painting our own self portraits like those of Samuel Pepys and King Charles II. Can you tell who we are?

🌨❄️☃️ Snow Fun ☃️❄️🌨

The snow took us all by surprise this afternoon. We didn’t have the footwear to go outside and enjoy it so we had great fun sticking our arms out of the window instead. 🎼Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! ❄️⛄️

Subtraction ➖🧮

This week, we have been thinking about what subtraction is. We collected all of our ideas together.

Some of us had a go at solving a problem where we had to find pairs of numbers with a difference of 5. We collected our ideas together and noticed a pattern! We then used these to systematically work out what the next pairs would be.

🔥The Great Fire of London🔥

We had great fun learning to type facts about the fire on the iPads with Mr Hill.

We started to bring our homework projects in.

We have had lots of fun this week making our own fire pictures. We remembered to use hot colours like in our Kalahari Desert scenes. We learnt that we know about the fire because of some of the paintings, drawings and engravings created at the time of the fire (and just after).

🦸🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🕵🏾‍♂️Traction Man Is Here! 🕺🏽👨🏻‍🚀🦸🏽‍♂️

We had lots of fun in the water tray where we pretended to be diving in the depths of the washing up bowl (just like Traction Man).

We have started our new story this week. We have been extremely busy stacking amazing sentences for our first plot point (meet Traction Man). We have knocked Miss Pritchard’s and Mr Hill’s socks off this week 🧦 and can’t wait to write about what happens to Traction Man on his quest!


Today, we learnt about different sounds and how some are nice and some are unpleasant. We also discussed loud and quiet sounds. We went outside to investigate which sounds can be heard from far away. We made really good predictions before the investigation, as we decided that the whistle would be the easiest to hear because the midday supervisors use them to call us in from dinner play.

🔥 The Great Fire of London 🔥 

We have started our history topic this week. We have shared the things we already know about the fire and thought about what questions we would like to ask to find out more. We have been looking at what London was like in 1666 and how it has changed. We’ve really enjoyed playing the Great Fire of London game.

Online Safety

We enjoyed reading the story of Buddy the Dog and talked about what to do if we don’t feel safe online. We enjoyed singing Buddy’s special song.


We had a fun lesson with Mrs Millican learning all about equal and unequal parts.

Story Time

📚 Please check the favourite books folder at the top of the page to see some of the books that we have been sharing this year. 📚

We really enjoyed listening to/watching the story of ‘The Snail and the Whale’ by Julia Donaldson. We talked about our opinions and what we enjoyed about the story: “My favourite bit was when the children saved the whale.” “I didn’t like it, I loved it!” “I liked the part where the fish made us jump.”

We also enjoyed Judith Kerr’s ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. The children were appalled by the tiger’s table manners and we talked about how he should have behaved. We also compared this later on to how the polar bear behaves in Raymond Briggs’ story ‘The Bear’.

Theatre Visit

Year 1, Reception and Year 2 are having a great time watching Pinocchio performed by Nottingham Playhouse!! We can’t wait to tell you all about it when we get home! smiley

Class Assembly

Thank you for coming to our class assembly. We loved sharing with you all the things that we have been learning. Miss Pritchard was very proud of our big reading voices and our brilliant singing! We hope you all enjoyed it. 

Gymnastics With Rosie

We are really enjoying our gymnastics sessions this term. Rosie has been teaching us all about rocking and rolling. We have been learning to rock on different body parts and to do egg and log rolls. We have learnt 5 different shapes too: pike, tuck, star, straddle and straight. We have been travelling along apparatus in different ways, balancing and jumping off. We have also learnt how to set up our apparatus safely.


In Maths, we have been learning about the names and properties of 2d shapes. We had great fun making pictures and building with shapes. We even made a cage for Miss Pritchard. 


We have been learning about light as part of our Science work. We went around school looking for different light sources. We also talked about some things that shine and look glittery (like the interactive whiteboard and trophies) and how these objects reflect light like the Moon does. We also had fun investigating with torches and coloured lenses. Some of us pretended that we were at the hairdressers and ‘dyed’ our friend’s hair!

Autumn Term

Autumn 2: Could a Meerkat Live at the North Pole?

We’ve had great fun doing games and gymnastics this term with Rosie. As a final treat, we got to use our skills and work as a team to play ‘Dress the Snowman’ and have a race with the equipment with different ways of travelling. We thought it was really funny when we had to push the ball along with our nose!


We learnt that it's a special day across the country today. We had our own ballot to choose which film we would like to watch whilst we waited for our part in the Christmas production.

We had great fun in our Science lesson this morning. We worked as senses investigators to solve the mystery of Ella's lost teddy bear. We used our senses to solve a range of clues to work out which bear belonged to her. We had to work out which smell was mint, which paw print measured 10cm, which food was apple, which material was furry and which sound was squeaky. 

We are ready for Christmas! The classroom is decorated and we have been busy learning our songs for the Christmas production. We have been reading lots of Christmas stories and learning the Nativity story.

We learnt about the different animal groups. We enjoyed watching videos to find out more about what is special about each group. We shared our ideas together. Then we had lots of fun putting animals into different groups by their features. Some us us even designed our own zoos.

We have been finding and naming parts of the body. Miss Pritchard drew around Rupert and then we thought about all the outside and internal parts of the body that we know and where they can be found. We impressed Miss Pritchard with how many we knew!

Artist and Designer Week

We had an amazing time during Artist and Designer week. We made hats in the style of Philip Treacy and Rachel Trevor-Morgan and loved walking around the classroom with them on. With Mrs Braddock, we looked at Wassily Kandinsky's 'Squares with Concentric Circles' and created our own version. With Mrs Miller, we learnt about the artist Alma Woodsey Thomas. She was an African-American Expressionist painter. We looked at her painting 'The Stormy Sea' and recreated it.

We hope you enjoyed coming to our gallery.

We enjoyed learning about Bonfire Night. We had a go at creating  firework art out of chalk and used the FANTASTICs to write our own poems.

Autumn 1- Where Do We Live?

We had a talk about different structures, especially skyscrapers. We had a go at making our own out of spaghetti and marshmallows. It was really difficult! We looked at the different ways that we had found to make our structures stronger.

London Maps

We have really enjoyed learning about our capital city. We talked about and looked at lots of different landmarks and then worked in groups to create our own maps.

Look at our amazing UK and Autumn homework projects!

We have been very busy artists today! We made clay leaf bowls which are drying in the classroom so that we can paint them autumnal colours. It was great fun throwing the clay about to soften it and Miss Pritchard was so impressed with how independently we worked (and tidied up) today! We can’t wait to show you the finished pieces. Well done Fantastic Foxes!

17.10.19 Numeracy- Today we have been comparing numbers and amounts. To help us with the mathematical signs, we learnt about Charlie Crocodile who likes to eat the biggest number. We have been using the vocabulary greater than, smaller than, more than and less than. We loved using the split pins to make some crocodiles of our own. We loved talking about what the missing numbers could be on the other side of the sign and why we thought this.

In numeracy, we have been thinking about teen numbers. We learnt that you can make them easily with numicon by using a ten.

We also learnt about the work of Andy Goldsworthy. We used the things we had collected to make some of our own sculptures.

Miss Pritchard talked to us about mushrooms and toadstools. We now know not to pick or eat plants that we find growing in the wild. We found loads of fungi growing on the field because they like the warm and damp ground. Miss Pritchard picked the ones that we found and we took a closer look at them in the classroom with scientific equipment. We were careful not to touch them in case some were poisonous and we washed our hands carefully, just in case. We were absolutely amazed by the HUGE one that we found! It has been an amazing day.

Today, we have been learning about what it is like in autumn. We went on an autumn walk to look for signs of autumn. We collected as many leaves and pine cones as we could but we couldn’t find any conkers! Back in the classroom, we created foxes out of leaves and used the magnifying glasses to take a closer look at our collection.

Yamaha Music School visited us and treated us to a musical workshop. We had hands-on experience of listening to live music. We loved joining in with the singing and actions and some of us even had the chance to have a go on the keyboards. What a treat we had!

In science, we are learning about the seasons. We have worked together with Reception and Year 2 to make a fabulous display in the corridor.

In topic, we have been thinking about where we live. This week, we learnt about the different countries in the United Kingdom and where they are. We loved making our own flags and talked about which one is our favourite.

In literacy, we have been reading traditional tales. We have written about the stories and characters and done lots of different activities.

We have been thinking about our classroom and learnt what an aerial/birds eye view is. These are our versions of our new classroom...

We have been busy creating a special piece of Fox artwork for the hall display!

We listened to some music by the Piano Guys and used wax crayons to draw how it made us feel. We then did a colour wash using the colours of our choice. Miss Pritchard chopped up our creations and used them to make a colourful fox. We think it looks great!