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Below is a gallery showing some of the activities we have been doing in our class.

Coding Crumble Kits


Today, the children have been coding Crumble kits.  They have used their knowledge of Scratch coding and applied this to a physical electronic kit called ‘Crumbles’.  Next week they will be designing and making their own robots which will have been programmed to carry out certain tasks.

Measuring and Calculating Angles

The children have today been using their understanding and knowledge of angles to draw on the table and calculate different angles around a point and in shapes.  The class really enjoyed the chance to write on the tables with their pens and a lot of discussion was had into the reasoning of the different angles that they calculated.

Art in Maths


For our calendars this year, we have been sing compasses and symmetry to create geometric patterns.  We found that these were quite tricky to create but we all really enjoyed creating them.

Viking Longboats


This week, the children have been learning about how Viking longboats were built and how they were used as part of their raids in England.  The children watched a step-by-step video about how to draw a longboat and then used this to create their own.  They are all very proud of their results.  Here are some of their pieces of work.  We hope that you like them!

A Monster Calls


This half term, we have been developing our writing around chapter one of the novel “A Monster Calls”. We have been writing sentences which add suspense for the reader and are of varying length. We hope you enjoy reading our sentence stacking work.

Remembrance Day 2020


This week, the Year 6 children have been working with the Year 5 children to create a Remembrance Day silhouette.  We have been thinking about everything that the service men and women have given to us all over the years and will do more work about Remembrance Day this week.

How Many Squares Are On A Chessboard?


This week in Maths, we have been learning about square numbers.  We were set the challenge of investigating how many squares are on a chessboard.  At first, we thought there were just 64, but then we realised that there was one larger square around the outside of the board.  We then realised that there were also other squares of different sizes within the whole board too.  We investigated this problem and noticed a pattern involving square numbers.  We found this puzzle really fun and helped us to use our knowledge of square numbers and number patterns in context.


In PE this term, we have had basketball coaching from the ex-professional basketballer, Stedman Baker.  We learnt lots of different ball handling skills, including 'Around the World' and 'Figure-of-Eights'.  We ended the term by taking part in socially distanced basketball games.  We really enjoyed our sessions with Stedy and we hope that we can have more sessions again in the future.




This half term, we have been taking part in 'Bikeability' lessons.  The children have learnt how to safely get on their bike, start off safely by using the 'shoulder check' and make an emergency stop.  This was all part of their level one award.  For their level two award, the children took their bikes onto the local back-roads where they learnt how to signal safely, make left and right turns and to ride safely in the road whilst wearing their helmet.  We would like to thank Sean and the team from the South Derbyshire Bikeability Team for their help and support with these lessons.  The children really enjoyed themselves and had a lot of fun!

Pentomino Investigations

Pentomino Investigations


This week in Year 6, we have been investigating pentominoes.  The children found that these were shapes consisting of five different squares connected together.  They found that there were 12 different combinations for these.  The children were then challenged to place different pentominoes into grids of various sizes without leaving any spaces.  The children all really enjoyed this activity, finding it challenging but great fun!  Here are some of our investigations.