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Week 2


This week we started our phonics lessons - we have learnt 4 sounds...

s, a, t, p

We have found lots of things that begin with these sounds and have also practiced saying them in their 'purest' form (without the /uh/ on the end. So ssssssss instead of suh!)



Self Portraits

This week we have done self-portraits for display in the hall. We talked about all the things that make us unique like the colour of our hair, eyes, skin and other features like glasses and freckles!


Our Families

This week we read 'The Family Book' by Todd Parr. We talked about how everybody's families are different and then we drew our family in our topic books. 



In Numeracy, we have done lots of counting games and rhymes. We enjoyed using the playdoh and the Numicon to make number cookies too!