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Week 5 18th May

Hello Fantastic Foxes!

It's Miss Pritchard here. How are you all? I hope you are all well.

I can't quite believe that it's the last week of the first Summer term already! It's been very strange but I hope that you have done lots of fun things and been having a go at some learning at home.

Some of your mummies and daddies have been sending me photos of you and your work to the school email. You have been busy doing some amazing things! I've seen wonderful art work and writing, VE Day parties and celebrations and I've even heard that some of you have been learning to tell the time and tie your own shoelaces! You are going to be so grown up when we next meet!

I am in school on Thursday and Friday this week. It would be lovely if you could walk past school as part of your exercise and give me a wave. If you let us know what time you might be passing, I can pop outside and have a socially distanced chat through the fence. Or we can have a chat on the telephone.

I spent two days in school last week and have been doing lots of work at home. I have also been doing lots of housework and walks in the sunny weather. There are fields down the road with lots of baby calves in them.  It was also Izzy the cat's first birthday on Friday. She is no longer a kitten but still as cheeky and playful. She spent her day lying in the sun with Poppy (Poppy will be 1 next month). It was also my dad's birthday on Sunday.

This week, I have given you lots of things to choose from about Victorian toys and old toys. One of my favourite weeks in school! I have also included a suggested timetable that you might want to follow if you would like more structure to the day. Remember that your mummies and daddies have to give you my instructions as I can't be there with you, so make sure you're as much of a superstar as you are at school and listen to what they tell you to do! They can contact me and let me know that you're doing good things, or if you're not! 

I am missing you all loads! Don't forget to send me updates on the parent email, I always reply back!

Freddie says hello!

From Miss Pritchard


PS: I am not only going to set you one challenge next week as it is the half term holiday- have fun together and enjoy some rest and relaxation. Fingers crossed that the weather is sunny!

Here is the learning ideas for this week. I have also included a suggested timetable if you would like more structure to the day.

Phonics Resources

I've managed to get our Phonics PowerPoints to load this week! These are the stories and activities following the adventures of Kit and Sam that we do at school. The activities alongside the PowerPoints are additional extras that we sometimes have a go at during our free choice time.

Literacy Resources (reading and writing)

Maths Resources

Topic Resources

Other Resources